Innovating with ConnectAbility

By David Ryback, Ph.D.

There’s a new generation in the workplace—more focused on process over endgame, on people over paycheck, on personal development over company loyalty.  The values of what we might refer to as the Status Generation have yielded to those of the Awareness Generation.  ConnectAbility fills the needs of this new workplace by providing the skills necessary to work with others—whether as peers or reports—in a manner that allows for the authentic recognition of others’ needs, both social as well as emotional.  Research—under such banners as emotional, social, moral, executive intelligence and other forms of multiple intelligences—has validated the utility of this new approach to interpersonal communication.

What the framework of ConnectAbility does, for the first time, is to consolidate all of these elements of multiple intelligences into a business context. It reveals how the basic factors and skills interact and combine in ways that will achieve a desired outcome most effectively.  Such skills enable us to become more productive and effective at our jobs, so that we become more visible in our successful modes.  In this challenging economy, that only helps us
•    to maintain our positions when many are being let go, and
•    even to advance our careers despite hard times.

How to Resolve Conflict and Negotiate Successfully
In any conflict or negotiation, no matter how intense, we always make sure we understand the other’s perspective as clearly as we can. We then make sure to articulate that awareness so the other knows we’ve made the effort.  It doesn’t always solve the problem, particularly in the early stages, but it sure beats coming in with fists flying.  And sometimes it does wonders.

No matter how adversarial your opponent is, the more you can immerse yourself in his or her culture—linguistic framework, way of thinking, preferences—without losing your own style or authenticity, the greater your chances of succeeding in whatever battle is taking place.  Not only will your Awareness Factor be enhanced—you’ll understand much more—but so will your Performance Factor—you’ll find yourself much more successful in being heard—in part, because you’ve taken the effort to respect your opponent’s framework of values.  If you can approach this adversarial situation with a helpful, cooperative stance—using your agility skills—rather than with defensive aggression, then the other party will be much more likely to meet you more than halfway, with a minimum of exacerbating conflict.

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