Increasing the Intelligence that Predicts Your Success

by Don Goewey,

There are different types of intelligence that human beings possess, but “fluid intelligence” is the one that predicts success in business and academics, when a person tests high in it.

Fluid intelligence is your capacity to solve novel problems, learn from experience, reason things out accurately, detect errors, connect the dots, and to get to the heart of the matter quickly.

Who wouldn’t want to increase their measure of that kind of intelligence?

Well, you can. Science once believed that fluid intelligence was inherited and couldn’t be increased, but a mountain of new evidence has caused science to change its mind.

The evidence indicates that you can raise your fluid intelligence by playing a specially designed computer game called the N-back game for 15 – 25 minutes a day, five days a week.  It’s found to improve scores on tests of fluid intelligence in as little as four weeks. It’s been documented to raise your IQ by 13 points with only 20 hours of practice.

That’s unbelievable; it represents a movement from average to above average intelligence.

One version of the game is accessible for free on the internet at

Here’s how the test works: Every few seconds, a cartoon like image (a cat, a fish, a baseball, etc.) appears on screen and then moves to the next image.  You click on the current image whenever it repeats what you saw 2 picture ago.  If you get to Level 3, you click when the current picture repeats what you saw 3 pictures ago, and so on, up through higher levels of difficulty.  It sounds simple and it is, but deceptively so.

Play the game consistently and the implication it will literally make you smarter.

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