If It Isn’t Broken Still Break It: Creative Career Thinking [Part III]

Rick Forbus, Ph.D.

Unleash Your CreativityJOHARI window style of coaching conversation can be catalytic for a paradigm break through. To discover a new “space” to work and live in, a process of “preferred futuring” needs to happen. This process of creativity and attempting a preferred future view is not easy. To be honest, this kind of transformational thinking is nearly impossible alone. To just actualize a dream is exhausting and sometimes as difficult as trying to see the other side of a mountain from the opposite valley view. It is virtually impossible to find a new idea for career direction without either some former inclination to a work genre or having this breakthrough supported by an alliance partner, like a coach or consultant. What are things you cannot see about yourself that are hindering a new career path? What are you missing by your perspective? How will you find the new energy and career trajectory without a creative revelation of some sort?

Genuine creativity isn’t about ideas. It’s about translating ideas into ingenious products, services and solutions.   Michael Schrage

I came across a very good blog article entitled 10 Steps to Creative Career Changes by Javy Wong Galindo. An excerpt from this article says,

Creative Career Changes by Javy Wong Galindo



















I am just going to list the author’s ten ideas, but would encourage you to read the entire article for great ideas on career breakthroughs.

Here’s the list:

  1. List Your Reasons for Change
  2. List Your Passions and Skills
  3. Explore Crazy Career Ideas
  4. Prioritize and Choose
  5. Clear the Path by Realizing Your Assumptions
  6. Challenge Your Assumptions
  7. Organize A Game Plan
  8. Recruit Help
  9. Execute Your Plan
  10. Keep Your Motivation Fueled

This is a fantastic list. With clients who want to discover a new career path we use some of these ideas and the life-balance star to help anchor career and life journeys around all parts of the human experience. For those who haven’t read a former article that contained these life components, here’s the list again:

  • Your Professional Life
  • Your Personal Life
  • Your Physical Life
  • Your Legacy Life
  • Your Spiritual Life

When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty, because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something.     Steve Jobs

All of us have to keep these five aspects of our humanness in focus and in good health. When you direct your creative energies in seeking a new “worldview” for your career, these five pillars give you career strength. The reason these five are so important to all other processes that you may go through to find a new career path is that these are the anchors to life itself. These five areas are the load-bearing beams to life, period.

There is more to be said in regard to having a creative discovery. Career change is difficult and sometimes not in view from where you are. Could it be that now is the time for your creative energy to create a new dream path? Maybe this article will be a good start. I unequivocally know this: a coach is an important, if not essential component to finding your creative momentum and new career course.

Maybe it is time to break it, your paradigm that is.

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