I need a do-over please!

By Lakecia Carter, PMP

As a PM, have you ever done something that you felt bad about? Have you ever done something that you felt good about? I’m sure you answered “YES” to both of these questions. The common thread between both is that they are ‘do-over’ moments.  Sometimes you need a do-over when you’ve messed up – not to repeat the mistake, but to do it better the next time. Other times, you need a do-over when you’ve succeeded in something. In this case, you want to repeat success and also make it better. You see, a “do-over” moment is a win-win in the end. Here’s why:

  1. Do-overs keep you humble. No matter how experienced, skilled and talented we are, we have to be ‘continuous learners’. Never let what you know get in the way of your growth. Humility is a key leadership quality that people admire.
  2. Do-overs make you smarter. I have learned so much from the mistakes I’ve made managing projects and leading teams. I learned more about what not to do than what to do. Somehow, we are wiser and better equipped to make decisions going forward.
  3. Do-overs build character and patience. Do it right the first time! Is an awesome mantra. When we are all perfect, we will be able to live up to it! As leaders, our character is built through challenges we face. Perseverance and patience are developed when times are tough. The good news is we always come through those challenges. Without do-overs, we would be doomed.

As Project Managers leading teams, unless we have skin in the game, we can be viewed as ‘out of touch’.  Our do-overs are not a sign of weakness. Rather, it is a sign that we are HUMAN! A do-over moment is a good thing because we always win in the end!

Please share your “do-over” experience – whether good or bad. We can all benefit from it!

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