How to Unleash Your Next Great Project Management Idea

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by Lakecia Carter, PMP

One thing that I am learning every day is that there is no shortage of great ideas. As PMs, we play a significant role in driving change. We can leverage our role to drive innovation and creativity in so many ways. I often wonder though, why some of us hold back from pursuing our ideas?  One possible reason is fear:  fear of rejection or fear of failure. We can easily get stuck in “What-if” wonderland and become paralyzed in our thinking. Maybe we think the idea is too small or insignificant, so we don’t bother. Maybe we leave it up to someone else to come up with all the ideas and we execute on the vision.  Regardless of the reason, the time is now to unleash those ideas!  Here’s what you need to do to bring  those great ideas to life!

Believe In It

Your heart has to be in it for the idea to thrive! Whatever it takes to get there, you need to pursue it with passion. You may need to research or partner with others who support the idea. You will need the energy to drive it forward.

Buy Into It

Ask yourself, “If I were not me, what would I think about this? An idea does not come to life on its own and you can’t do it alone. You may need to sell your idea and gain buy-in from others. If you understand and articulate the value, it will be an easy sell.

Build On It

Take baby steps and move forward one step at a time. Some ideas can be acted upon immediately and others require cultivation over time. Even if you fail, it will teach you greater lessons for the future. Take those lessons and turn them into success stories.

Remember, the ideas you have need to be unleashed so that positive change can happen. Don’t be afraid and don’t wait for someone else to do it. If it’s your idea or an idea that you support , Believe in it, Buy in to it and Build upon it! So, what is your next great idea?

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