How to Hone Your PMP Funny Bone

by Jeff Justice, CSP

PMP funny boneMy Comedy Workshoppe happens several times a year in Atlanta, GA — you can find out about it on my Web site: www.JeffJustice.comcomedyclasses.htm. Meanwhile, here are some other steps you can take to add stress reducing humor to your life:

1. Start slowly. Observe and listen for funny, work-related anecdotes or incidents. Write down those you want to remember that may become your tools at an appropriate occasion in the future.

2. Begin reading books of appropriate humor collections and write down quotes, stories, and jokes that apply to you or to your work situation.

3. Choose one anecdote and experiment with it. Personalize it by surrounding it with true details from your work situation, then try it out on a few co-workers.

Example: My office is getting to be a total mess. It’s at the point that I don’t know whether to clean it or torch it!

4. Be prepared. Think of some humorous “I Should have Said” responses and change them to “Next Time It Happens, I’m Gonna Say” responses.

Example: When my dad was a reporter an editor told him to “put his article through the typewriter one more time.” Dad said: “I took your suggestion and put the article through the typewriter again, but it didn’t work. I still had to sit down and rewrite it.”

5. Focus your humor on yourself and your work situation, not on other people (particularly if you don’t know them well). “I drink so much coffee I’m thinking of dating Mrs. Folgers so I can get a discount.” Comedy Workshoppe students learn to draw their humor from what bothers them — making fun of what usually stresses them out. “I can’t believe the price of gas today.  I was at a gas station last week and the guy in front of me said to the cashier, ‘Let me have a dollar on pump seven’.  I said, ‘A dollar on pump seven? Where are you going, pump eight?’”

6. If you think of a funny, appropriate response, don’t hesitate — use it. Remember what we’ve discussed about stress inducers and stress reducers. And remember, he who laughs last probably didn’t get it!

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