Harness the Power of Gratitude

By Tricia Molloy

There are certain times of the year, like Thanksgiving, when thoughts turn to gratitude. For some, it’s the once-a-year holiday ritual around the dinner table as each person proclaims what they’re most thankful for. Family. Health. My job. This meal.

Cultivating an attitude of gratitude throughout the year, however, is nothing short of transformative. That’s because of the universal law that states: What you focus on expands. In other words, what you appreciate appreciates. And, where attention goes, energy flows.

Here are three ways to demonstrate the power of gratitude for more successful projects.

  1.  Feeling fearful?  Who isn’t these days? The good news is that fear and gratitude cannot coexist. The next time you’re worrying about whether you’ll make a deadline or if your vendors will deliver what they promised, stop and take a moment to focus on what’s going right and on your past successes. One of the best ways to get a good night’s sleep—so you’re fresh to handle whatever comes your way the next day–is to write in a gratitude journal before bedtime.
  2.  Dealing with challenging relationships?  It might be your supervisor, team member, spouse or teenager. Refrain from criticism (what you think, as well as what you say) for one week. Instead, focus on the qualities you most appreciate about that person–even if it’s just that they teach you to be more patient. You’ll begin to notice that the energy will shift and the relationship will be more positive and productive.
  3.  Turbocharge your goals.  As you begin to plan your next project and list your objectives, be thankful for what is and what will be in anticipation of your success. Consider using this simple affirmation: I am so happy and grateful, now that (insert the best project outcome).

2 Responses to “Harness the Power of Gratitude”

  1. True,

    Another way of harnessing the power of Gratitude –
    Whenever I sensed an appropriate job opportunity, I have recommended/given referral to my ex-colleagues or peers.

    This has created a close-knit professional network for me.

  2. SteveF, PMP says:

    A good reminder in these pressure filled times.
    Thank you.

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