Got Any Ideas

By Lakecia Carter, PMP

Have you ever had a great idea rejected? Have you ever tried what you thought was a great idea and it failed? If you are like me, you answered emphatically “YES!” and “OH YES!” For a while, I thought I was all out of ideas. It seems that with every rejection or failure, I became less and less motivated to come up with new ones.  If you are experiencing a dry season with ideas, you are not alone! It happens to all of us. I am often reminded that the greatest innovations were born from failures or so called “bad’ ideas. If you feel like you don’t want to think of another new idea, here are 3 keys to remember:

Keep Pitching New Ideas

No matter how many times an idea is rejected or fails, it doesn’t mean you stop. I have learned that timing is everything. It could be the best idea, but the wrong time. Another possibility is relevance. It may not be the right situation where the idea could fully develop.

Adapt Your Ideas When Needed

Notice I said “when” and not “if”. I guarantee that you will need to make changes along the way. We can implement ideas in several different ways while continuing to improve. It is a good practice to run your idea by someone that you trust will give you honest feedback. Test the waters and continually ask yourself how to make it better.

Start Small and Finish Big

Consider yourself an artist with a blank canvas. You would never paint the entire picture all at once. Rather, you would start one section at a time until the picture is complete. When you have an idea, start with one small task to move it forward. Over time, your idea will evolve and produce great results. The key word here is time.

Never let a failed or rejected idea get you down! The worst idea is the one that you don’t explore.  Next time you are done with new ideas, just recall these reminders and get back in the saddle. Now with that said, got any ideas?

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