EPDP… Recruit, Reward & Retain the Right Resources

By MaryGrace Allenchey, PMP

Successful enterprises acknowledge Human Resources as their most critical asset.  The investment in enterprise associates must be wise and strategic.  Organizations must define and implement strategies to recruit, reward and retain qualified professionals…. professionals who meet or exceed enterprise competencies’ and capabilities’ expectations!

Every enterprise, regardless of industry or size, embraces the following business process:


Analyze Market  -> Define Strategic Direction  -> Develop Product  -> Target Customers -> Communicate Product Attributes  -> Sell Product  -> Install Product  -> Delight Clients  -> Sustain Quality Client Relationships

Human Resources throughout the enterprise must be equipped with the competencies and capabilities to effectively and successfully perform the functions of this Business Process and provide World Class Customer Service.

The Enterprise Professional Development Program or EPDP, must be established and implemented to effectively enable and optimize the competencies and capabilities of all associates.

The journey to World Class Customer Service is an ascent beginning with the enterprise strategic initiatives and ending with delighted customers.

The following five (5) critical steps and the eleven (11) associated, critical functions model this journey:

  • Step 1: Strategic Initiative:
    • Executive Management / Executive Council
  • Step 2: Enterprise Performance:
    • Finance
    • Human Resources
    • Program Office
    • Information Technology
    • Administration
  • Step 3: Market Penetration
    • Sales
    • Marketing
  • Step 4: Client Engagement
    • Products/Services Implementation
    • Technology
    • Training
  • Step 5: Client Quality Relationship

At each step, qualified human resources must optimally perform their specific function to achieve World Class Customer Service!

The successful EPDP must include both internal and external professional development objectives and provide the associated and required education, training and mentoring to enhance resource competencies, capabilities and performance.

  • Internal EPDP Objectives:
    • Multi-Track Career Program
    • Individual Professional Development Program
    • Enterprise Knowledge & Capabilities
    • Enterprise Tools / Technology
    • Professional Associations’ Synergies
    • Program Metrics
  • External EPDP Objectives:
    • Product & Services Marketing
    • Project Management Processes
    • New/Enhanced Product & Services Deployment
    • Product Life-Cycle Maintenance

Similar to external client projects and programs, the EPDP requires disciplined and effective Project and Program Management to ensure PM Vitamin C6®to all stakeholders…

  • Communicate the EPDP strategy to enterprise associates;
  • Develop the EPDP Plan;
  • Define the EPDP phased-implementation schedule; and
  • Initiate, manage and complete EPDP projects.

Organizations must also offer career advancement opportunities to reward and retain qualified professionals.

The enterprise may introduce a multi-track career program that promotes and rewards desired performance, and provides career advancement options. This program also effectively facilitates and supports optimum performance of the critical functions in the critical steps of the Enterprise Process to attain and sustain World Class Customer Service.

Associates may choose to mature vertically and advance along a single-path for a specific functional unit within a specific enterprise process; or embrace education and training opportunities and pursue horizontal growth by performing functions in various functional units and/or process areas. To optimize enterprise performance and results, both options must always focus on enhancing individuals’ experience and expertise!

The following matrix depicts a sample model for a Multi-Track Career Path that supports both vertical and horizontal professional growth..:

Enterprise Process


Career Path


Enterprise Leadership

Assistant VP       Vice-President       Executive VP




Accounting Coordinator          Accounting Manager     Controller/Director

Human Resources


HR Coordinator/Recruiter           HR-ManagerHR-Director            AVP-HR

Program Office


Program-Coord.        Project-Mgr.     Program-Mgr.Program-Director        Director-PMO         VP-PMO

Information Technology (IT)

IT Coordinator         IT-Developer             IT-DirectorAVP-IT

Administrative Support

Receptionist/Exec.Secretary      Admin.-Manager     Administrative-Director




Sales-Coord.        Sales-Manager       Sales-DirectorAVP-Sales


Marketing/Graphics Coord.        Marketing- ManagerMarketing-Director               AVP-Marketing

Client Engagement

Implementation Services

Project-Coord.      Project-Mgr.      Project-Dir.Program-Manager      Program-Director


IT Coordinator         IT-Developer             IT-DirectorAVP-IT


Training-Coord.     Instructor/Designer     Sr.-InstructorInstructional-Program-Mgr.     Training-Program Director

Finally, audits are required to verify that the organization’s professional development program is effectively implemented throughout the enterprise, as well as to confirm that the EPDP complies with HR industry standards and best practices.

To ensure EPDP continuous process improvement (CPI), define metrics and establish procedures that continually assess the enterprise’s ability to recruit, reward and retain qualified professionals.

Implement EPDP metrics that include but are not limited to the following measurements:

  • Recruitment to Interview
  • Interview to Offer
  • Offer to Hire
  • Completed Individual Development Plan
  • Achievement of Individual Annual Goals
  • Attainment of Individual vertical and/or horizontal Advancement
  • Attrition Rate by Functional Unit

On your journey to World Class Customer Service and Optimum Enterprise Performance, ensure your investment in Human Resources is optimized…

Recruit, Reward and Retain the Right Resources… implement an effective EPDP!

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