Effective Meetings

By David Ryback, Ph.D.

Effective meetings take a lot of preparation before the event itself.  But sometimes, such preparation isn’t possible because the participants aren’t available prior to the event itself, not offering the opportunity of prior discussions and processing.  Then all, or most of, the work must be done at the meeting itself.  That might occur, for example, at board meetings, the members of which are quite busy and who have not yet developed close enough relationships with the other member to allow for prior processing.

What works best, when I’m responsible for such meetings, is to listen carefully enough to differing viewpoints so that I can then summarize the essence of each point of view to the speaker’s satisfaction.  Then, at the point of closure, I do my best to authentically integrate what I’ve heard so that no speaker of any viewpoint feels dismissed.  Finally, I articulate the conclusion that is true to the group’s initial intent, but now integrating the meaty and substantial portions of what has been shared.

When garnering support from your base, project your listening skills by demonstrating that you’re not only listening but, more important, hearing what others are saying.  Acquire the skill of summarizing the substance of each person’s contribution at the end of each meeting, before adding your own vision, integrating it into the context of what you’ve heard.  This skill component involves combining the hearing and presenting in such a manner that all in the present group feel heard, appreciated and then inspired by the new vision of which they can now feel a part.

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