Dynamic, Direct And Distinct…The Deliverables Diagram®

by MaryGrace Allenchey, PMP

In today’s economic climate, organizations are expecting to accomplish more with less! Enterprises want to ensure their assets are appropriately and optimally invested and utilized!

Deliverables DiagramOnce projects and programs are selected and initiated, Project and Program Managers must therefore assure stakeholders that the expected and required products and services are produced.  There must be no unspoken expectations when it come to defining the products and services that the project or program must provide.

Project and Program Management Professionals know that PM best practices promotes a rigorous requirements-gathering discipline.

How about a tool that is both EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT!

You’ve heard that a picture is worth a thousand words, but did you know that in project and program management, a picture is worth a thousand meetings?

Build a DELIVERABLES DIAGRAM to succinctly, clearly and unambiguously define the products and services that your project or program will provide…. It is a dynamic, direct and distinct technique.

•    Start with the END IN MIND: the primary goal of your project or program.
•    Define MAJOR CATEGORIES of products and services needed to realize the strategic initiatives that the project or program supports.
•    Focus on WHAT must be provided, and not how it will be produced.
•    Identify the INTERNAL OR EXTERNAL ORGANIZATION OR GROUP that is responsible for actually producing the deliverable
•    Drill-down each category to the LOWEST LEVEL OF PRODUCT OR SERVICE, staying focused on what is provided not how it is produced.

Your DELIVERABLES DIAGRAM pictorially presents critical project or program components:
•    Project  or Program Objective / Mission
•    Specific Outputs / Project Scope
•    Required Resources

It is a pictorial Charter, typically consisting of only two or three pages:
•    First (and Second) Page: the DIAGRAM
•    Second (or Third) Page: DOCUMENTATION
•    STRATEGIC INITIATIVE that the project or program support
•    Requested DUE-DATE (if one is provided)
•    Desired COST (if a budget is provided)
•    Approving STAKEHOLDERS

And it is the perfect source from which to develop your Project or Program WORK BREAKDOWN STRUCTURE (WBS)!

Your DELIVERABLES DIAGRAM, the pictorial Charter, is an effective and efficient tool as well as a dynamic, direct and distinct technique to ensure mega doses of PM VITAMIN C6® to all Project and Program stakeholders.

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3 Responses to “Dynamic, Direct And Distinct…The Deliverables Diagram®”

  1. J Coleman says:

    An example would have helped a lot. Sounds a lot like a an Intermediate Objectives Map from Six Signa. Where in you outline critical objectives and their success factors, and flip the info into Future Reality Trees etc

  2. MaryGrace Allenchey, PMP says:


    Thank you for your comment, I am not a SixSigma guru, so cannot attest to the similarity you noted… But I do know that both PM best practices and SixSigma strive to produce high quality products and services!

    Quick Example of a Deliverables Diagram for a new Accounting System:
    Top-LevelDeliverable: XYZ Accounting System
    Next(Lower)Level: A/P;A/R;Customer-Demograhphics; Etc
    Next(lower)Level for C-D: Name;Address;Industry;Credit-
    Score;Years in Bus.; ETC

    I think you get the idea….
    Continue breaking down the Deliverables until there are no more Sub-Deliverables… …

  3. […] PRODUCTS & SERVICES DELIVERABLES are then broken down into the specific and unique products and services that must be produced for the customer, client or end-user. An effective and efficient technique is to just insert the DELIVERABLES DIAGRAM, defined in the Charter. (Reference PDUs2Go June article: DYNAMIC, DIRECT AND DISTINCT… THE DELIVERABLES DIAGRAM). […]

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