Down, but not Out!

By Lakecia Carter, PMP

When I think of being down and out, it reminds me of a boxing match. Two boxers are in the ring and one boxer knocks the other down on his back! The boxer is down for the count. The referee counts to ten seconds. If the boxer doesn’t get up, the referee declares a KO or Knockout! What about you? Have you been knocked down lately? Maybe your project did not turn out to be a success or you have a project that seems to be irreversibly doomed. Maybe you’re out in the job market and you’ve been turned down for a PM role that you really wanted! Well, you may have been knocked down but you don’t have to be knocked out! Here’s how to get UP again before the count!

Sit UP
After you’re dizzy from ‘seeing stars”, sit up! You must put everything in perspective. First, acknowledge your feelings of disgust, defeat, and disappointment. Keep the pity party short, though. Resolve to move on. Get a fresh perspective and make a choice to get back up again.

Stand UP
Next, get up on your feet. It’s time to rise and shine! When you stand up, it signifies that you aren’t going to go down that easily. Because you have a fresh perspective, you can focus on a solution. Now, you are ready to regain the upper hand and position yourself for a win.

Step UP
Now that you are back on your feet, step up! Renew your confidence and courage as you make a comeback! When you step up, you take back control over your situation. You are stronger than you were before you were knocked down! Go ahead, declare the victory!

If you get knocked down, don’t stay down!  Sit UP, Stand UP and Step UP! You will be back UP in the ring in no time!

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