Don’t Let the Crack Become a Pothole!

By Lakecia Carter, PMP

potholeIf you’ve ever seen a massive pothole in the road, it didn’t start out that way. More than likely, it began as a small crack. Over time, it became wider and wider because it was never patched up or sealed. It is the same with our projects. Sometimes there are cracks which appear to be very minor in the beginning. Over time, if these cracks are left unattended, they can create a massive pothole in our projects and we all will go down!  Here are a couple of cracks to watch out for and how to seal them:

The most common crack that should never be unattended is Communication. Status meetings and documentation do not always guard against communication failures. The three most important things to strive for in communication are: transparency, clarity and specificity. I also find it helpful to have one-on-one calls with each stakeholder throughout the project. Team members may not speak up in the group project team meetings. You need to have communication plans tailored to the groups you are interacting with. Your approach will change depending on audience, circumstances and the project needs.

Another common crack that should never be unattended is Risks. We are good at identifying the risks, but sometimes we don’t proactively mitigate and manage them. When the risk becomes an issue, we are all scrambling trying to recover. Identify risks early and create a mitigation strategy and action plan to manage them on a daily basis.

I’m sure there are other ‘cracks’ we should seal while they are small enough to manage. Please share some that you think normally watch out for. Tell us what we should do to seal them.

Besides, it’s much easier to patch up a small crack than a big pothole!

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