Dark Side of the Moon

By Mac M. Martirossian, CPA

It is tough being a great manager. In some respects tougher than being at the head of the organization. And at times, it feels like being on the dark side of the moon. Being a successful manager is even more difficult when you take into account having the skill to withstand the pressure from the top and the angst of the people below. Great managers shield their teams from the heat resonated at the top, while not flinching at the push back they get from their direct reports. They serve selflessly and multi-task to bridge the gaps in skill sets among their teams.

The number one attribute of a great manager is described by a single word—consistency.

While listening to cable radio recently, I was reminded of the countless names of recording artists who never made it past a single hit. The music scene is littered with sprinters instead of marathoners. Very few have a lasting and consistent following. British rock band, Pink Floyd has the record for the most number of weeks on the Billboard top 100 list for Dark Side of the Moon……741 weeks (http://tinyurl.com). That calculates to over 14 years.

Here are some tips on how to be a consistent manager:

Stay true to your style. A standard interview question is: “Tell me about your management style?” We should ask ourselves that question from time to time to ensure we are not wavering on how we approach the art of management.

Practice your message. Sometimes managers have one approach to one-on-one communication, and a completely different one as to tone and pitch, when delivered to the masses. This is especially critical when we are operating under pressure and have a difficult message to communicate.

Be grounded. Don’t let others define who you are. Managers who are consistent stay resilient to peer pressure or while simultaneously in the presence of their boss and their teams. Management leadership means having the courage to be your own person.

Your organization will place a high value for your ability to be a consistent manager. And who knows…you may even become a rock star.

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