By MaryGrace Allenchey, PMP

vitamin c 6Acknowledging that “a project is a temporary endeavor to create a unique product or service” (PMBOK® Guide – Fourth Edition), Project, Program and even Portfolio Managers are continuously challenged to provide and ensure innovation and creativity!

An effective technique and efficient tool to facilitate innovation and create creativity is ensuring mega-doses of PM Vitamin C6® Communication, Collaboration, Cooperation, Commitment, Consensus, and Celebration… for all project and program stakeholders: client, customers, end-users, management, vendors, the PMO, implementation-team, et al.

Promoting PM Vitamin C6® enables innovation and creativity by optimizing synergy.

Igniting the synergistic spirit of all stakeholders, PM Vitamin C6® exploits and optimizes the capabilities ofdiverse and even remote individuals and teams.

  1. Communications: Provide communication opportunities that ensure everyone’s ideas are fearlessly, freely, honestly and openly expressed. Include time for each individual to speak at project or program meetings; and if the culture requires a more private approach, have each person write their idea and collect the data for a scheduled innovation session to engage and promote team synergy.
  2. Collaboration: Facilitate and encourage collaboration by pairing a more knowledgeable and experienced individual with less experienced persons.  Small groups foster trust and promote the synergy that generates innovative strategies as well as creative solutions.
  3. Cooperation: Enhance and encourage cooperation by assembling teams of diverse stakeholders to solve a problem or develop a specific strategy.  Their unique perspectives optimize their synergy as well as the overall quality and effectiveness of their solution or strategy.
  4. Commitment: Ensure commitment of all human resources by clearly and unambiguously defining their dedicatedassignment to the project or program.Individuals are not only more productive, but their problem-solving capabilities are optimized and more effective when they are uninterrupted. In addition, synergy sessions can be scheduled when resource availability is known and established!
    1. For shared resources, assigned only a percentage of their time, always specify an uninterrupted time commitment.  For example:
      1. For individuals assigned 20% of their time to your project or program, negotiate and define the specific day of the week the person will work on your project…[i.e: 20% of a 5-day work-week = 1 day];
      2. For 50%, negotiate and define the specific 2.5 days;
      3. For 10%, negotiate and define the specific half-day;
      4. Etc.
  5. Consensus: Promote consensus by providing the opportunity for individuals to share and argue their “pros” and “cons“ for a proposed solution or strategy. Ensure all persons “buy-in” to the results, by succinctly and unambiguously sharing the chosen solution or strategy, and especially the justification … impact on project scope, time and cost…for the selected alternative.
  6. Celebration: Frequently celebrate achievements throughout the project or program lifecycle.  Encourage stakeholders to recognize each others’ accomplishments; and promote celebrations by conducting a “recognition session” at every project or program meeting.

PM Vitamin C6®Communication, Collaboration, Cooperation, Commitment, Consensus and Celebration…fosters and facilitates synergistic solutions and strategies to optimize project and program performance.

PM Vitamin C6® … enabling project and program innovation …Creating Creativity!

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