CRAVE Your Sales Goals!

By Tricia Molloy

As a project manager, you’re in the business of sales. Every day, you’re selling your ideas and strategies to your employer and team members.  Here’s how to apply the CRAVE system to support your sales goals.

Clean Out the Clutter. When you clean out the distracting, confusing and energy-draining clutter, you will have the clarity to focus on what’s most important. There’s physical, emotional and technical clutter. Throw away or store outdated project files and give away the books you have read and don’t need to reference and books you’ll never get around to reading. Commit to only participate in social media strategies that support your goals. For example, you might want to spend more time on LinkedIn connecting with people and researching opportunities and less time tweeting on Twitter.

Raise Your Vibrations. Energy attracts like energy so we want to keep our vibrations high and positive to attract other positive people and circumstances. Seek out colleagues who love what they do for advice and support. Plan activities in your day that bring you joy–from playing with your kids to listening to upbeat music. People want to work with people who exude positive energy and confidence.

Affirm Success. We all use affirmations. We might say to ourselves, “This project will never get done on time” or “I can’t find the right team members.” It’s time to catch yourself and turn that negative self talk into positive messages like, “I love my work!” and “I have all the qualities and experience to attract the right team members to this project.”

Visualize. When you picture yourself ahead of time solving any challenges along the way and successfully completing each phase of the project, you’re much more likely to be at your best for the real thing. Mental rehearsal is a great investment. Use a Vision Board to keep you focused on your goals and the benefits you’ll receive–like a promotion or spending the bonus on a fun, family vacation or down payment on a new car.

Express Thanks. Since what you focus on expands and what you appreciate appreciates, it pays to cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Give thanks for your skills and knowledge; your ideal team members; your family, employees, coworkers and colleagues that support you; and the project successes you crave that are coming your way.

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