Coaching Solutions [part II]

by Rick Forbus, Ph.D.

When a prospective client finds our website and then emails us, similar communications will happen. One such prospect interviewed me by phone after sending a couple of emails to ask Coaching Solutions questions about how Trove would solve his individual leadership challenges.  After the interview, and, a couple more solutions were offered, he hired us. Now, after over a year of monthly sessions, he has reached new heights in his management and leadership skill development.

Executive coaches are not for the meek. They’re for people who value unambiguous feedback. All coaches have one thing in common, it’s that they are ruthlessly results-oriented.    Fast Company

Solution is a great word and the ultimate outcome for coaching engagements.

The meaning of a solution could mean: 

  • The answer emerges
  • The key question is discovered
  • The way out is found
  • The clear direction is followed
  • The explanation becomes clear
  • The team make up or alignment is sharpened
  • The next best employee is hired
  • The new way to do things is dispatched
  • The resolution is unearthed
  • The big shift is embraced
  • The ultimate best result shines through
  • The personal break through happens
  • The innovative next step is taken
  • The fresh start is bravely tackled
  • The healthy divergent conversations bring positive outcomes
  • The executive re-invention occurs
  • The best succession plan is deployed

A coach is part advisor, part sounding board, part cheerleader, part manager and part strategist.     The Business Journal

Coaches provide solutions by entering coaching conversation and coaching projects in different ways. What I mean is that a seasoned and well-trained coach will change the way they listen, they coach and how they position the coaching environment. Solutions and outcomes are really everything for the coaches at Trove. Sometimes to find the solution we have to “show up” in different ways throughout the coaching project.

Here are a few ways that a coach manifests in various scenarios: 

  • As a guide
  • As a developer
  • As an assessor
  • As a partner in thought
  • As a motivator
  • As a questioner
  • As a Devil’s Advocate
  • As a trusted advisor
  • As a builder of an idea
  • As a challenger
  • As a solution creator
  • As a strategic listener

Who exactly seeks out a coach, winners who want more out of life.     Chicago Tribune

One of my government clients has probably used Trove for 60 individual coaching clients. The intrigue of such large organizational projects is the individual successes that happen within the larger coaching project. In other words, although we are hired to provide “enterprise” solutions and consulting, the individual sessions with the leaders are certainly rewarding. It could be that less enterprise positive evidence is seen at times, when, underneath, many individual clients are finding huge moments of success. Solutions found one by one, can sometimes bring a lift to a larger organization. The conclusion is that coaching solutions are easy to sell. Whether it is professional, personal or a team success, coaching is a proven tool for better outcomes.

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