Change the Channel!

By Pamela A. Scott

This week’s tale of living with people focuses on Caleb, as told to me by his boss. But I suspect you’ll think of several folks you know—maybe even yourself—when you read about Caleb.

Caleb works at Dean and Powell. He’s married, with a couple of kids. He has a mortgage, his retirement accounts, college savings accounts. (You know where this is going, right?)

The months of depressing economic news have really taken a toll on Caleb. Or, more accurately put, Caleb has let the news depress him.

Here’s what Caleb does to himself. He keeps a financial news network on his TV, has several financial news sites open on his computer, and checks the balances in his accounts several times a day.

It’s no wonder he is losing it. He is constantly programming his brain with negative information.

It’s the same for folks whose speech is laden with “the problem is…,” “I should have gotten more done,” “that’s how it’s supposed to be.” It’s all mental programming.

For Caleb to get out of the hole he has dug for himself, he needs to get different programming, different messages streaming into his brain. He needs to watch puppies at play. He needs to listen to soothing music. He needs to go outside and experience Mother Nature.

Will that change the state of the economy? No, of course not. But programming his brain with positive, relaxing thoughts and inputs will help Caleb relax some. And that will make Caleb better able to handle whatever challenges the world throws at him.

And remember: Each day, we’re one day closer to the eventual turnaround.

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