Be a Pain Reliever, not a Pain Point

By Mac M. Martirossian, CPA

During a recent coaching session with someone in transition, I was reminded of how NOT to be viewed to an employer or prospective employer.  The cover letter I was reading had 10 sentences that all started with the word “I”.  And the transition candidate was telling the Owner of the business in his database about the virtues of providing guidance to him during his search.  That was his sole proposition; help me with my search and hire me, so I can add value to your organization.

He was surprised at the lack of responses he was receiving…….I hope you are not surprised by the same.

No matter what your business, as a CEO, you are feeling pain right now and will for the next 12-16 months.  We need to be admired, as Pain Relievers for our respective employers or would be employers.

Making a Difference means finding out how you can contribute to making the business more cost efficient, more productive, conserving cash and finding new revenue channels. As Project Managers we need to be valued as an asset and not abhorred as a liability.


Successful Project Managers are those who find ways to be a trusted advisor to their boss, and the company’s leadership team.  Project Managers left standing are those who take ownership of what needs to get done for a company to conserve resources (in English spelled C-A-$-H) and to increase sales.

Whether we like or not, Project Management is viewed as overhead and therefore a Pain Point.  World Class Project Managers reverse this stigma and are thus viewed as a Profit Center.

Here are suggested steps to take to becoming a successful Pain Reliever:


  • Find out what keeps your boss and his boss and the CEO up at night.  No, it is not about their job security; it is about the enterprise.
  • Be creative and start mapping solutions.  We can all delineate the problems.  The champions among us delineate the solutions.
  • Implement a business solution to that leads to the answer.  Do so expeditiously and with passion.


The world has changed.  We need to be more multidimensional, more creative and more resourceful than we have ever been, to ensure the success of our respective enterprises and thus enhance the chances of our own success.

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