Back to Basics

By Dr. Bob Rausch, Ph.D.

How many articles have you read about the present economy?  If you are like me you’ve covered about every possible topic and some several times.  The topics range from; how bad it is, how really bad it is, then the challenges of a really bad economy and, of course, all the good that comes out of the bad and on and on and on.

I don’t know about you but I get tired of focusing on the same thing, especially when it’s approached from so many different ways.  All this focus takes a lot of personal energy. Therefore, I’m taking a whole new approach and it started with this question; “What was I doing before this economy turned south?”  I came up with five important things we can do to use our energy more effectively.

1.    Review Your Spiritual Purpose – The human spirit is the core of personal energy. Within your spirit is the potential for an unlimited supply of energy that will positively affect your mental, emotional, and physical behaviors.  The energy for ‘what’ you do comes from the human spirit.  It provides the ‘why’ for what you do.  Do a healthy review of why you started doing what you do in the first place.

2.    Think Inside the Box – Rhys Best, a friend and colleague, reminded me that before you start thinking outside the box you need to think inside the box. Do what you do best over and over again.

3.    Frequent Stops at the Filling Station – What refuels your personal energy?  Do you love golf, exercise, swimming, scuba diving, planting flowers or just watching a great movie? Make sure you don’t get so busy you don’t take the time to refuel your energy, in whatever way you like to do it.

4.    Be Responsible for What You Do – In less stressful times we tend to blame less. I love the story of the elderly couple who got 40 minutes down the road after eating at a restaurant and the wife said, “I left my glasses in the restaurant.”  The drive back gave the old man plenty of time to criticize her.  When she got out of the car to retrieve her glasses he said, “As long as you’re going in there get my hat and my credit card.” Be responsible for what you do.

5.    Spread a Little Energy Around – Remember how easy it was to be positive and encouraging with others when energy was high.  Get back to doing that. Changing behavior always changes feelings.

Richey Branch, Baseball Executives said, “A full mind is an empty bat.” If your mind gets too full of all that’s going on you won’t have the energy to hit the ball when the time comes.

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