As the Conductor…ORCHESTRATE!

By MaryGrace Allenchey, PMP

The leadership role of the enterprise project, program or portfolio manager correlates directly to the role of a conductor… the leader of a trio, quartet, band or orchestra!

The conductor must optimize the performance of the various instrumental groups as well as each of the individual musicians. The string, wind, brass and horn sections, as well as the players of each individual instrument…. violin, viola, bass, cello, harp, oboe, clarinet, flute, saxophone, French-horn, trombone, trumpet, piano, guitar and/or drums… must all be apprised of the composition to be performed and exactly when their instrument must be played!

The conductor orchestrates… leads by means of clever and thorough maneuvering of the team of experts…to optimize the expertise of each musician, and deliver synchronized and harmonious music to the audience!

So too must the project, program or portfolio manager orchestrate enterprise resources to optimize their capabilities and performance.

Like the conductor, the project, program or portfolio manager simultaneously and effectively leads both groups and individuals. The capabilities and expertise of various enterprise groups….  End-Users, Executive Committees, Project/Program Advisors, Functional Managers, Project/Program Office and Implementation Team Members, as well as the skills and expertise of individuals…Project/Program Sponsor, IT-developer, Engineer, Sr. Manager, Accounting Manager, Project Advisor, et al… must be synchronized to effectively deliver products and services that meet… and even exceed… required performance specifications and stakeholder expectations.

Master leadership techniques as you use Project/Program/Portfolio Management (PM) best practices to facilitate and enhance your leadership capabilities and effectively orchestrate….



Apply PM best practices[PMBOK® Knowledge-Area Sub-processes]


Communication Identify Stakeholders; Plan Communications; Distribute Information;Report Performance


Collaboration Define Scope; Create the Deliverables-WBS; Define Activities; Estimate Task Duration; Estimate Costs; Develop Schedule 
Cooperation Develop Human Resource Plan; Plan Procurement; Plan Quality; Identify Risks; Assess Risks; Plan Risk Response 
Consensus Define Scope; Create WBS; Direct and Manage Project/Program Execution 
Commitment Create WBS; Perform Quality Assurance (QA); Perform Quality Control (QC); Acquire Project/Program Team; Develop Project/Program Team; Monitor & Control Project Work 
Celebration Report Performance; Close Project/Program 


Be the Conductor… Orchestrate to optimize delivery of quality products and services!

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