Are You Enlightened?

By Tricia Molloy

We hear the word Enlightened a lot lately as people become more aware of the benefits of being conscious and mindful. The dictionary defines it as “someone who is free from illusion.” Hmmm. What illusions, limiting beliefs, fears and misconceptions are you holding onto that are keeping you from being your best?

Through my work with conscious business leaders, I’ve identified six characteristics of Enlightened Professionals.  How many describe you?

As an Enlightened Professional, you:

• Trust in your innate wisdom to make conscious choices based on your   awareness.
• Live and work on purpose, pursuing your passions through your work and/or   your service to others.
• Maintain a high prosperity consciousness, always seeking win-win   opportunities with a focus on collaboration and cooperation,  not competition.
• You know there is no lack and there’s more than enough to go around.
• Think positively, transcending negative belief systems and self-defeating   behaviors.
• Through support and by example, naturally inspire others to be   enlightened.
• Use universal principles–like Affirmations, Visualization and   Gratitude–to achieve your goals.

Sometimes I feel most enlightened when I view a disappointment or setback in business as a lesson learned and I trust that a better opportunity will soon appear.  And it usually does.

As you manage projects, which of these six characteristics most resonate with you and why?  How does being enlightened allow you to be more effective at work?

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