Are Your Breaking the Law?

By Tricia Molloy

You may pay your taxes and stop at red lights, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you haven’t been breaking a few laws.  I’m speaking about universal laws. The one you’re probably most familiar with is the law of gravity. There’s no disputing it. What goes up must come down. That’s simple enough. But did you know there are other laws that govern your life every day with the same power and consistency as gravity?

Whether you believe in these laws or not, they are working in your life. So why not use them to help you achieve your project-management goals? Here are three to start with.

1. The Universe Abhors a Vacuum. When you create space, the universe will fill it with what serves your highest good. How do you use this law? Commit to clean out the useless, confusing, energy-draining clutter (physical, technical and emotional) and it will be replaced with what you need. Start with cleaning out your workspace and file drawers of old files before beginning a new project.

2. Energy Attracts Like Energy.
  Vibrations is another word for feelings and emotions. We are all vibrational energy beings and we will attract people and circumstances that vibrate at our same level. Just think about how much better your projects would progress if everyone on your team was helpful and positive. How do you use this law? Commit to vibrate at a high, positive, constructive level as often as possible by taking care of yourself. Exercise and stay active, eat healthy food, laugh, dance, sing, play, spend time with positive people, limit your TV news viewing and practice random and not-so-random acts of kindness. Start a “Joy” list and schedule a few of those activities each week. Treat them with the same importance as business meetings and family obligations.

3. What You Focus on Expands. Our thoughts create our reality so positive thinking tends to create positive outcomes. What you appreciate appreciates. How do you use this law? Use positive self talk or affirmations to support your goals, write in a gratitude journal to remember what’s going right in your professional and personal life, and create a Vision Board or Treasure Map to visualize the successful progression of every project.

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