Are You a “Wimp – Wimp” Negotiator?

By Mark Jankowski

Have you ever wondered why some people good at haggling while others just accept whatever they are told?  How can either of these traits be improved? There are five different kinds of “wimp-wimp” negotiators, people who would rather give in than pursue a WIN-win deal:

  1. The Addicted Negotiator – wants to get the deal done even if it’s a bad deal
  2. The Anxious Negotiator – hates the process and will give in to avoid negotiating
  3. The Apathetic Negotiator – thinks negotiation is a waste of valuable time
  4. The Aristocratic Negotiator – sees negotiation as beneath them • The Amiable Negotiator – wants to be liked so much they’ll make any deal.

Can you change your negotiating habits?  Absolutely.  Is it easy?  Just like diet or exercise, you’re adopting a systematic approach to break your old habits:

  1. Remember the Power of Nice – the best way to get what you want is by helping the other side get what they want.
  2. Use the 3 Ps – Prepare, Probe and Propose
  3. Learn to listen – understand the needs of the other side.
  4. Build Relationships – instead of making one-time deals, relationships make deals that lead to more deals

And practice – practice – practice!

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