Affirm Success

By Tricia Molloy

What’s on your goal list? Creating an ideal project team, getting promoted, finding a new job? Use affirmations to lead the way.

Affirmations are powerful statements to remind us of our magnificent potential, despite what others may say or when our own ego plants that seed of doubt. Some people resist using affirmations. They think it’s too simplistic or that the practice is out of integrity because they are stating something that may not be true yet. Since all reality begins in thought form, affirming what you want to be true is the fastest way to get there.

Most people are inclined to think and say (to themselves and others) statements that prevent them from moving in the direction of their goals, like: “I’ll never get this project done or be promoted.” Affirmations help counter that habit with constructive, supportive thoughts. The most effective affirmations are short, positive and in the present. You might choose affirmations that state what you want to achieve, like: “This project runs smoothly every step of the way.”

Or you might use affirmations to focus on what is already true. Here are a few examples. If you want to be chosen for a supervisory position, your affirmation should include the qualities you possess that would serve you in that role. You might affirm: “I am a dynamic, empowering leader” or “I have all the skills and qualities for this new position and would be a valuable asset to this company.” If you tend to wake up each morning wondering how you’ll ever get through your burgeoning to-do list, you might affirm: “I have more than enough time and energy to accomplish all my goals today.” If you are struggling with direction and finding the right resources to get the job done, you might affirm: “I am open to receive guidance and support.”

Commit to write down your affirmations and post them prominently—on your bathroom mirror, on the dashboard of your car and at your desk. Consider writing them at the start of every day to keep them fresh. Say them out loud throughout the day. Incorporate them in your conversations with others.When you combine affirmations with positive emotions, visualization and gratitude, you have a guaranteed formula for success in work and life.

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