A Project Manager’s work is never done!

By Lakecia Carter, PMP

Indispensable. What does this mean to you in your PM role today? Webster defines it as “absolutely necessary or essential”.  As I reflect upon this more, I view indispensable in two ways. As a PM, it means that we are valuable assets to any project, team and organization. Most projects don’t exist without us.  As for the work we do, projects are temporary endeavors; they have a beginning and an end. Although our PM role is temporary, the value we add can live on from project to project, team to team and organization to organization long after we leave the project.  I realize now more than ever that being indispensable has very little to do with us as PM professionals, but almost everything to do with our profession.

I love the mission of the Project Management Institute (PMI), which states “making project management indispensable for business results”®. What that means to me as a PMP is that we are on a mission for Project Management and not just ourselves.  If we focus on a vision bigger than our role and individual careers, we will always be valuable and indispensable to every project, team and organization we touch.

Here are 7 ways to ensure that you are on the “mission-field” for Project Management and that your “work” is never done:

1. Measure your success based on value and results; not job title, certifications, and tasks you perform.

2. Focus on people before processes and tools. It’s the people that make success happens, so take care of yours.

3. Promote continuous learning for yourself and your teams. Stay relevant and make learning a fun part of your life and career. Always share your knowledge with others.

4. Give your time and talents in Project Management to other causes outside your primary industry, such as non-profits, community organizations and the like.

5. Focus on continuous improvement. If things aren’t better after you showed up, you’re in the wrong place.

6. Develop your skills and knowledge about Project Management in other countries. Having a global vision opens you up to even greater opportunities to make a difference.

7. Refuel your passion for Project Management every now and then. Just reflect on why you became a PM in the first place and re-energize yourself. Your energy is contagious!

I believe that Project Management has perpetual value in organizations.  The number of credentialed Project Managers is astounding and continues to be in great demand. This means that we are creating value all over the world. We don’t have to “sell” our value. We just have to continue living the mission in our realms of influence and lead by example.

In what ways are you on the “mission-field” for Project Management? What do you think are some of the ways we can give ‘indispensable’ a brand new meaning?

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