6 More Trends to Look for in Talent Management for 2012 (Part II)

by Drew Stevens, Ph.D.

PMP Job TalentMany organizations have learned the hard way not to be tactical. The trends coming in the year ahead will require organizations to become more strategic and deliberate in the manner in which they maintain talent. Organizations must come to realize that talent is an asset NOT a liability and when treated correctly they are the linchpin to organizational success. To that end here are some of the items to look for during the second half of the year:

  1. Benefits or Bust – Like commodities benefits for many organizations have gone through the roof and do not look to be much better. Organizations because or healthcare and taxes will seek other means to develop benefits that not only retain existing talent but new. Ideas such as daycare, flextime will be some methods afforded. However, for many years the training industry extorted huge amounts of time and money with very little results. Organizations have seen through the fog and will no longer pay as much for soft skills development. Additionally firms have seen minimal results with online learning. As such there will be a shift where employees will need to invest in their own development and this will become part of the their annual MBO’s.
  2. Customer Service – Firms have watched with reverence at organizations that excel in customer service. Rather than fight they realize the need and will work harder at hiring the right talent for the right culture and to embed customer service to the organization. Too many CEO’s now see especially in a service-based economy the importance of customer-centered relationships.
  3. Age Before Beauty – Many reports now state that pension and retirement income was diminished due to the recession. To that end many individuals will unretire and return to work. Organizations must accept these individuals and work with them on skills to be used in productive places but not before helping them understand the technology portion to keep pace in a competitive society.
  4. What Gets Measured – If the year 2012 is known for anything it will be measurement. In the end it is all about results and everyone from the washroom to the executive room will become more accountable. What gets measured gets repeated.
  5. All Hands on Deck – Innovative technology has proven many things. However, in the age of the iPhone, Android and Internet Television we learn it is not only about leaders and bytes but job rotation and collaboration. The Android and iPad technology has expressed the need to share jobs and rotate the “best minds” through product development to expedite products. Individuals will desire the ability to work on many things but also illustrate how to incorporate their passions/interests into new rapid application development.
  6. Global Handoff – The use of virtual teams will mean that firms can produce and prioritize 24 hours per day. With shifts to global workteams, organizations can hand off products and services to alternative time zones so that these firms become more international and can service, support and produce all day.

The biggest challenge to any executive leader is talent; always has been and always will be. The problem is that many cannot because a) they lack the time and b) albeit an issue to be discussed in an upcoming column human resources is not part of the organizational plan. However, as executives look to remain competitive in a post recessionary world the need for talent, speed and acquisition will become hot topics. This will mean the difference between surviving and thriving in a post recessionary world.

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