5 Ways to Overcome Hyper-Responsibility as a PMP Project Manager

by Bob Rausch, Ph.D.

The leader I mention below in this video was a very young president of his family owned business and he felt the weight of the company on his shoulders. As a result he was trying to do it all, even things he could have delegated he took on himself. Finally the stress created uncontrollable anxiety and he ended up in the hospital fearing he would die of a heart attack. The doctors reassured him that he would live and that his anxiety was the result of his body reacting to stress.

If you find yourself doused in the overwhelming feelings of Hyper-Responsibility, there are ways to overcome:

1 – Normal Performance Level

We all want to perform at our best, however, when you are low on energy, as strange as it sounds, you will move from “wanting” to perform (or be responsible) to “needing” to perform, which results in doing too much or hyper responsibility.

2 – Whose Responsibility is it Anyway?

You have to ask yourself; am I doing something for someone that he or she could do on their own?

3 – Check Your Guilt Level

Most of hyper-responsibility is the result of feeling guilty. “I’m not doing enough for the family so I’ll make up for it by…” or “I let my associate down so I’ll make up by taking their responsibility.” Do not let guilt drive you into taking responsibility for someone else.

4 – Allow People to Learn and Grow

Hyper responsibility robs the other person of their opportunity you develop. There’s no problem in over-seeing a task or project as long as you allow the person to do it.

5 – Even When You Know Better

Sometimes you will know how to do something better. Even if the person doesn’t know how to do the task perfectly let them be responsible for it. We grow by the mistakes we make.

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