4 Ways as a PMP to Assess Team Performance Capabilities

by MaryGrace Allenchey, PMP

project manager job listingWhen performance does not meet expectations, PMP project managers, program managers and even senior management all too often attribute and even dismiss the poor performance to “incompetent” human resources!

Think Again!

Teams, groups and organizations are not comprised of incompetent individuals. I have never seen nor read a job-ad that requests “Incompetents Please Apply”!

So what is the real problem?… The root cause for performance that does not meet expectations?

Leading diverse individuals and groups, and managing their performance over many years, I have observed and experienced that whenever individual or team performance does not meet expectations, it is a result of their “performance capabilities” not being facilitated or optimized, and in many cases even frustrated.

The effective leader must facilitate capabilities, to optimize performance!

Performance Capabilities Include Four Major Components

  • Knowledge: comprehending and applying specific facts, principles, processes, policies;
  • Processes: systematic, continuous series of effective and efficient actions directed toward a specific end;
  • Technologies: creation and use of technical skills pertinent to art, science or other fields of endeavor;
  • Professionalism: experience and expertise in a specific academic or business discipline.

These capabilities comprise the four facets of my performance model, the Performance Diamond™…when the facets are optimized, the performance of individuals, teams or groups outshines expectations!

Effective project and program managers acknowledge their responsibility to optimize the performance of all project and program stakeholders… individuals, teams, clients, vendors, functional-managers, senior management, et al.

The successful leader must therefore assess performance capabilities to ascertain opportunities for improvement; and then proactively promote and facilitate performance improvement in the critical areas.


Performance Diamond™

Performance Diamond™

Improvement Assessment/Technique


Effective Communication of project goals and objectives;

Effective Communication of expected deliverables, and their associated functional specifications and performance expectations;

  • Education and Training in skill-set to perform job duties;
  • Education and Training in required organizational policies, processes and technologies;
  • Education and Training in specific project or program processes, procedures and technologies.



  • Establish/deploy required Processes to promote systematic, effective and efficient tasks;
  • Ensure Processes are effectively implemented;
  • Ensure Processes facilitate (not frustrate) productivity.



  • Establish/deploy specific Tools/Techniques/Technology to promote effective and efficient activities;
  • Ensure Tools/Techniques/Technology are effectively implemented;
  • Ensure Tools/Techniques/Technology facilitate (not frustrate) productivity.



  • Ascertain resources’ experience-levels to assess their expertise;
  • Facilitate collaboration and cooperation of experienced individuals with less-experienced resources to enhance skill-sets, confidence and overall productivity;
  • Provide diverse job-experiences to broaden expertise;
  • Encourage Professional Certifications.

Lead for SuccessOptimize the Performance Diamond™

And ensure effective and successful delivery of products and services that meet and even exceed stakeholder functional specifications and performance expectations!

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