20 Ways to Work with Wisdom Today

By Tricia Molloy

Inspiration + Implementation = Success. Below are the 10 universal principles from “Divine Wisdom at Work.” Choose one action step from a principles and put it into practice. Then choose another as you continue to grow as an enlightened project management professional.

Principle 1 – Tap into Divine Wisdom: Your Inner Guidance is Calling

  • Learn how to meditate to reduce stress and be more focused, creative and productive at work.
  • Trust your intuition. Use a “gut instinct journal” to track your success.

Principle 2 – Define Your Life Purpose: Setting Intentions

  • Write a life purpose statement based on your top motivators, key values and natural gifts.
  • Every morning, set your intention for the day, such as high energy, contemplative or grateful.

Principle 3 – Embrace Prosperity: You Deserve Unlimited Abundance

  • Recognize that there is more than enough and seek out win/win opportunities as you work on projects.
  • Explore abundance in all its forms, including perfect health and joyful relationships.

Principle 4 – Clean Out the Clutter: The Universe Will Fill the Vacuum

  • Clean up and organize your office, using a system that will help you maintain it.
  • Consider the emotional clutter (regrets, resentments, unnecessary obligations, toxic people) and technical clutter (too many unread e-newsletters) and release what doesn’t serve you.

Principle 5 – Stay Present: That’s Where the Gifts Are

  • Reserve some time each day to resist multi-tasking and practice mindfulness.
  • Incorporate Feng Shui elements in your workplace to increase harmony and prosperity.

Principle 6 – Live Your Truth: Time for an Integrity Checkup

  • Develop meaningful, measurable Core Values and Beliefs and a Mission Statement.
  • Claim your Ideal Clients or Work Opportunities in a written statement and share it with others.

Principle 7 – Engage the Law of Attraction: Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

  • Keep your vibrations (feelings and emotions) high by loving and nurturing yourself to attract other high-vibration people and circumstances.
  • “Fake it ’til you make it” by acting “as if,” like smiling or showing confidence.

Principle 8 – See to Believe: The Power of Visualization

  • Picture the outcomes of your projects, engage all your senses and energize it with positive emotions.
  • Use a Vision Board or Treasure Map to make it real.

Principle 9 – Affirm Success: Creating Positive, Powerful Statements

  • Keep your affirmations brief, in the present tense and positive.
  • Write them, post them and share them with others.

Principle 10 – Give Thanks Often: Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude

  • Most evenings, write in a gratitude journal several reasons you are thankful about work, including at least one unique entry.
  • Transform difficult work relationships by focusing on what you appreciate about them.

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