July 2013                                                                                                                                                  Volume 6 | Issue 7

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The 3 letters “PMP” after your name in your email signature and business cards stand for Project Management Professional. A professional is someone who values the ongoing need of education for themselves, along with the desire to share this knowledge and education with others.


Knowledge and education are especially important in the area of Leadership. Leadership separates the wheat from the chaff when it comes to project managers. Many people can “manage” a project, but there are few that can lead and inspire a team to achieve more than even they thought possible.


That’s why I am so excited to be featuring our brand new course LEAD: Like a Boss!  during July! This outstanding 10 Category A PDU course will help you understand:


  • How to Leave a Legacy in your Company
  • The Top 7 Personality Challenges
  • How to Master the 4 Core Strategies Essential to Managing Change
  • How to Lead the Four Stages of Change
  • How to Lead Beyond Your Own Style


This month’s PMP in Practice highlights excerpts from some of the contributing authors to this outstanding new course. Take some time to learn what they have to say about leadership and apply these principles to your project management skillset today!


Wishing you continued success!
Jennifer Bridges, PMP (formerly Jennifer Whitt)
Founder – PDUs2Go.com



Corporate Leadership Training: Great Leaders Capture the Power of Vision

by Mark Bowser, Motivational Business Speaker


Throughout time, great leaders have always had vision. Vision is one of the most important elements to being a champion. The Ancient Writer states it this way, “Where there is no vision, the people perish. Vision keeps us on track. It even shows us where the track is. So, if vision is so important to success and happiness then where do we get it? That is not an easy question. One way is to ask yourself where you want to be ten years down the road? What will you have accomplished? Where will you live? Who will be with you? Questions like these will help you discover your inner vision for your life.


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What Are the Traits of Leadership?

by Liv Montgomery


What are the traits of Leadership, and how can you get them? Answering this question might seem like an enormous task to tackle, but throughout the ages, people have been doing just that: learning and acquiring the traits that are  essential for great Leadership. The easiest way to tackle a big task like this  is to break it down into smaller pieces. Let’s do that now.


Transformational Leadership can be defined as the amalgam of Vision, Influence, and Strength. This isn’t the total picture of great leadership, but it’s a place to start. I cover the topics of Influence and Strength in other materials I’ve published. Let’s begin our discussion here with some perspective on what it means to have Vision.


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Crises and Firefighting: How to Avoid Managing by Exception

by Laura Stack, Productivity Pro


In recent years, I’ve observed the increasing popularity of “management by exception” in business. This concept basically boils down to leaders making decisions and assessing performance based on significant deviations from a project’s goals, while otherwise ignoring its daily execution. Leaders who practice it don’t want to be bothered unless something goes seriously wrong. But there’s a difference being agile and being disengaged.


Given the nature of business today, this comes as no surprise. First of all, fewer managers juggling more projects means they can spend less time on traditional management, even as they face demands for higher productivity. New technology has helped soften the blow somewhat, but the stress has nonetheless increased…and sometimes, leaders respond by distancing themselves from their projects.


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PDUs2Go.com is excited to offer this brand new 10 PDU course, LEAD: Like a Boss! for only $320! This collection of guiding principles from 15 experts in their field will help you lead your teams and embrace…and yes, even love change!


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What Others Say About LEAD: Like a Boss!

“What the world needs now, more than ever before in history is ‘Leaders that Lead with Vision, Guts and Courage.’ This course is dedicated to stimulating in you that experience as you read, absorb and use the wisdom contained herein.”

Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul


“For a new front-line leader, the perspective shared by these seasoned leaders help speed-up the learning curve for young leaders. The course is packed with tips ready to read, when you need them.”

– Chris Widener, author of the Art of Influence and the Leadership Rules

“Great leaders are made and not born! ‘LEAD…Like a Boss’ offers compelling accounts of success that challenges each author’s soul! This is a must read on how to develop real leadership skills!”

Bill Krueger, MLB Pitcher and TV Baseball Analyst





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