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January 15, 2010

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Introducing PDUs2Go Mobile PMP™ Club

Get mobile with us!

Here is what you can expect in real-time: same day deals, exclusive offers, PRE-Release Sales Events or the occasional “pm job”. It’s fast information, usually a “one-liner”. We are “changing the game” for Project Managers on the Go®.

Finally, always rest assured this information is kept priviate.

So, what do you think? “Opting-In” or “Opting-out” is super easy. Check it out. If you do not like it, simply Opt-out!

Ready to start?

  1. go grab your phone
  2. type this txt message: PDUs2Go
  3. send it to this number: 90210

YOU ARE IN. Stay tuned for more…

Get Mobile and JOIN the club!

Jennifer Bridges, PMP (formerly, Jennifer Whitt) & entire team at PDUs2Go.com

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