Introducing our PDUs2Go Mobile PMP™ Club

Dear Friends,

I’m so glad you’ve chosen to become part of our community. No matter the extent of your involvement, you are a big part of what we do to help Project Managers on the Go® to retain their PMP Certification and share the leadership expertise of Thought Leaders with the PMP community around the world.

You are considered in our efforts at every new phase, as we’re inspired by your feedback. You are with us in the field on real world projects, in each conference, and on every webinar or teleconference. We are approaching our 4th year together and are excited to announce our new mobile service to the community as part of our next phase. You are part of our vision.

Speaking of vision, these staggering statistics below about where our eyes are will help you understand WHERE, WHY and HOW we are going next.

Did you know…

  • 4.1 Billion Mobile Phones are registered world-wide?
  • 97% of text messages are opened??
  • 1.56 trillion texts were sent in America last year??
  • 52,083 texts are sent every second??

Mobile is no longer the exception. It is the rule.

I have the honor of speaking with our global customers (and, my colleagues) every day and through the conversations, I have been able to conduct my own research and gain my own insights.

Through all of these conversations, there is one conclusion I’ve reached: PMPs are MOBILE – they are constantly on the go, whether it is around the office or around the globe.

It’s our goal at to make it simple, fast and flexible for PMPs to earn their PDU credits and to keep up to date with one of their most valuable assets, their mobile device. That’s why we’re Changing the Game. It’s time to get mobile. It’s time to get in real-time.

Our customers consistently tell us that they want portable and affordable ways to learn while they are on the road or on the go. The capabilities that mobile media brings to a PMP are endless. By investing in a global media company, can now provide exclusive programs, value added content and real-time offers to our PMP community world-wide. Our customers can participate on-the-go and in real-time with the click of a button or tap of a screen. It’s an exciting time and we are glad to be on the forefront of this movement!

The PDUs2Go Mobile PMP Club is for members only who selectively subscribe to participate. It’s easy to subscribe or unsubscribe to this spam-free service. By texting PDUs2Go to 90210, someone can subscribe. By texting stop to 90210, someone can unsubscribe. It’s just that simple.

Get Mobile! Join the Club!

Help us Change the Game.

Thank you so much for being part of it all.


Jennifer Bridges, PMP (formerly, Jennifer Whitt),
Founder –

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