The System: Simple, Fast, Flexible

At our main objective is to help you keep your PMP certification current by assisting you with meeting your PDU requirements before your next renewal.

Our system is very simple. Except where explicitly noted, all of the PDUs on are Category A PDUs, meaning you can use them them to meet all of your PDU requirements.  We are a Registered Education Provider with PMI and our REP number is 1637.

Each course that you purchase from consists of MP3 audio files, a PDF course guide, and in some cases MP4 video files. All of these file formats should work fine on just about any computer (PC, Mac, Linux, iPad, tablet or other) and will also work on many different types of audio players (iPods or similar devices). None of the files have any kind of copy protection. We trust you, and know that you wouldn’t distribute them illegally.

Because you have copies of the files on your computer or media device, you can take the courses when ever, and where ever you want.  They never expire and they don’t have a time limit, so you are in charge.  Each course will take about an hour per PDU credit.  So a 5 PDU course should take around 5 hours and a 10 PDU course about 10 hours and so on.

Once you have completed the course content, you just log back into your account on and you will find a link for each of your courses to the Course Completion Survey.  The survey will just ask you some questions for record keeping and is not a test of knowledge on the course you have just completed.  Once you complete the post-course survey you will have the opportunity to print a Course Completion Form for your records.

Your last step is to log onto the PMI web site and register your PDUs with PMI. We include a document with each course that has step-by-step instructions on how to register your course with PMI.

That’s all there is to it! A Fast, Simple and Flexible solution for keeping your PMP certification current. We are confident that you will find the system a valuable addition to your PMP tool kit.

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