Why Now is the Best Time to Quit Your Job

Right now is the best time to walk into your employer’s office and say that you quit! Why? Because employers are no longer looking for people with an employee mentality, but rather for people who have the mentality of a business owner. The faster you get into the mindset of viewing yourself as a self-employed solution provider within your organization, the more valuable you become. You need to quit your job and start treating your employer as your best customer.

You have already taken a huge step in this direction by obtaining and maintaining your PMP certification. Sure, it takes extra time and effort to keep up with your PDUs, but this has allowed you to differentiate yourself (aka “Your Company”) from the competition. Having your PMP makes the statement that you are serious about the discipline of project management, structured, willing to learn, and eager to share with others.

The next step is to start viewing and treating your employer as a Customer you are charging for your project management services. The benefits of this mental shift are profound:

  • Your Employer will receive great Customer Service: If you view yourself as self-employed, you will go above and beyond to make sure your Customer is happy. Having a whatever-it-takes attitude is the foundation of successful and prosperous companies and is guaranteed to set you apart from others.
  • You will place a higher value on training and certification: Even if your Employer doesn’t foot the bill to maintain your PMP, it is worth it for you to invest in yourself. You don’t know what the future holds, but by constantly retooling yourself you will be prepared for any shifts that occur in the market.
  • You become sensitive to Market Pricing: Prices rise and fall all the time, and they do the same with the services you offer. Having the self-employed mindset allows you keep up with the market to make sure you are charging what you are worth. This allows you to have an educated discussion with your Customer on why your prices need to go up, or you may decide that you need to be content for the time with what you are charging. (See the sidebar on the right for resources on how much Customers are paying for PMP services)
  • You’ll be Happier: Your employer is going to make less than ideal decisions from time to time. Having a self-employed attitude will allow you to not be victimized by these decisions, but rather see what you can do to help out. If it is a long-time pattern you can’t live with…then don’t. You will be in the position to start looking for another Customer.

Do it now! Mentally quit your job tomorrow and make the shift to becoming a self-employed solution provider. Your employer will be thrilled, you will earn more money and to top it all off, you will even be happier.

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