Understanding the NEW PMI PDU Categories

ReportingI’m not sure about you, but reporting the number of PDUs I have earned through the PMI reporting portal always seemed to be a bit of a harrowing experience. There were so many categories to choose from (eighteen to be exact), criteria to follow, as well as varying restrictions and limitations that I would get to the point where I would hold my breath, push Submit, and then wait to see if the PDUs I reported were accepted. I never ran into any problems, but it always felt like it was a 50/50 chance that something would not be right with the submission.

Evidently, a number of people felt this way as PMI has recently revised and simplified their CCR (Continuing Certification Requirements) PDU Categories. The biggest change you will notice is that the number of categories has been reduced from eighteen down to six! Right out of the gate this makes the entire process much easier.

These changes affect anyone who currently held an active or suspended PMP, PgMP, PMI-RMP and PMI-SP credential prior to March 1, 2011. Anyone who passes any of these exams after March 1, 2011 will not be affected.

What Are the New Categories?

The following are the new categories that went into effect on March 1.

Category Name Description and Examples
A Courses offered by PMI’s R.E.P.s or Chapters and Communities Educational Courses offered by PMI’s Registered Education Provides (R.E.P.s). This includes schools, consultants, corporate training departments and PMI Chapters. Of course, PDUs2Go.com is a great example of an R.E. P.!
B Continuing Education Academic courses offered by a university or college, or other training organizations NOT registered with P.M.I. For example, training offered by your employer or membership association.
C Self-Directed Learning Self-directed learning activities involving personally conducted research or study. Examples include reading articles, books, instruction manuals, videos and podcast. Additionally, coaching and mentoring would fall into this category.
D Creating New Project Management Knowledge New knowledge creation for your area of expertise would fall into this category. This includes anything you do related to your PMI credential in the area of writing, presenting webinars, podcasts, serving as a speaker or instructor of PM related courses or developing course content.
E Volunteer Service Providing volunteer, non-compensated project management, project risk, project scheduling or program management services fall into this category. This volunteer activity could range from serving with your local PMI chapter to providing project manager services to a community or charitable group.
F Working as a Professional in Project Management This one is a no brainer! Always be sure to report the maximum number of PDUs (2.5 – 5.0 / year depending upon your certification) for just doing your job!

That’s it…a much simpler approach to categorizing, tracking, and monitoring your PMP Certification!

What Have We Done at PDUs2Go.com to Accommodate These Changes?

A system-wide change as substantial as re-categorizing PDU classifications has the potential to raise many questions. We have assembled a number of resources to help you through this transition:

Each Course Guide that is downloaded with our portable courses will include the updated Category information. Plus, we have added the ability to sort by PDU Category on PDUs2Go.com which will help with the selection process.

Category A or Category C?

We are frequently asked whether PDUs earned from PDUs2Go.com should be claimed as Category A (Registered Education Provide) or Category C (Self-Directed Learning). This is due to the ability to earn the PDU on your schedule and not have to attend a course at a particular time or location.

PDUs2Go.com is an R.E.P. and our Provider number is 1637. The vast majority of the courses PDUs2Go.com offers will be registered as Category A. This helps speed up the process as we have already "filled in the blanks" for the name of the course, as well as the Process, Knowledge and Application areas.

However, there are also a handful of courses that include a Self-Directed Learning component that can be reported as Category C. We’ve made it easy to identify those courses as well. The following screenshots show how the category for each course is clearly marked. Additionally, you also have the option to sort your courses by PDU Category.

Shop For PDUs

We think the recent changes to the PDUs reporting structure is a positive thing. It may take a little while to get used to the new categories (I’ll take six over eighteen any day!) but in the long-run this will save time and improve the process.

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