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May 2013 Volume 5 | Issue 5

Jennifer Bridges, PMP

On April 25th was a marque exhibitor at the 6th annual PMXPO hosted by We had a great time and want to thank everyone that stopped by‘s booth. Our fingers were flying as we chatted with over 1,500 project managers that visited us from such great companies as 3M, ADP, HP, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, and Wells Fargo to name just a few.

A virtual conference is pretty amazing and the technology has come a long way towards creating a memorable experience. The event mirrors a real-life conference and is very organized and interactive. If you haven’t had the opportunity to attend a virtual conference, be sure to sign up for next years. There were great speakers, great content, and plenty of free PDUs to go around!

Speaking of PDUs, we’d like to congratulate Bill Biedenbach from FedEx for winning‘s unprecedented giveaway of 535 PDUs valued at over $13,000. That’s enough PDUs to last through 9 certification cycles! Congratulations Bill!

The article below will give you an idea of what PMXPO was like and what some of our visitors had to say about the event and You can still watch the presentations on-demand and earn 7.5 PDUs through July 26, 2013.

Wishing you continued success and we look forward to seeing you at PMXPO again next year!


Jennifer Bridges, PMP (formerly, Jennifer Whitt),

Founder –

PMXPO 2013 at a Glance

A live virtual event is a sight to behold. Once you log in to the event you are presented with the Main Hall that allows you to select the Conference Hall, Resource Center, Lounge, or Exhibition Hall.

You’ll see‘s booth in the lower left corner…

…and everyone that dropped by our booth received a free 7 PDU course (a $224 value) called Relationship Economics® Telecourse Series by David Nour!

What the Attendees Had to Say

We received a lot of great feedback throughout the day. Below are a few of the kind words our visitors had to say…

“Just wanted to say that I have purchased and completed many courses from PDUs2Go. They are easy to download and simple to do at your leisure. Registering the PDUs on PMI is super easy too. I give them my full recommendation and tell my fellow PMPs about them.”
Cindy R.

“Hi, just dropping in before the next speaker, but I wanted to say that I have taken two PDUs2Go courses and loved them! They are really convenient and have made it easy for me to maintain my certification. I’ll stop by after the next talk.” Elenor H.

“I purchased some PDUs last year that came in handy. Great format and it’s much easier listening to them on my ipod. Great work guys!” Neil N.

“Fantastic offer! Just bought your Premium Pak. Thank you for supporting the event and for the great product!” Geoff L.

Thanks for everyone’s comments above. We’re glad that our Portable and Affordable® courses help you keep your PMP certification current!

By The Numbers

We know how much Project Managers love numbers. The folloiwng are a couple of statistics that you may find interesting about the event.

  • Number of Visitors to‘s Booth = 1,500
  • Number of FREE PDUs given away by = 11,250
  • Value of FREE PDUs given away by = $336,000
  • Number of Companies that Stopped by = 1,180
  • Number of Countries Represented = 65
  • Number of PMPs = 1,115
  • Percentage of Project Managers = 70%
  • Percentage of other Jobs (i.e. C-Level, VP, Programmers) = 30%

It was definitely a great show and we encourage everyone to attend next year’s PMXPO. In the meantime, you can catch up on some of your PDUs by watching the presentations on-demand through July 26, 2013.


We Are All in This Together

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