One Way You Can Wow the Job Interviewer

Project Management is as much of an Art as it is a Science. The Science of Project Management includes those black and white areas such as deliverables, deadlines, and the hard-skills necessary to report on and communicate project status. The Art of Project Management becomes apparent as soon as people are added to the mix. This is when you need to figure out how to get things done with individuals who are distracted, spread too thin, and sometimes uncooperative.

How can you let potential Employers or Clients know that you are not only a black and white scientist, but also a colorful and creative artist that can solve these problems? One way is by assembling a PMP Portfolio!

Artists hang their work on a wall, display it in a Gallery or include samples in a Portfolio to showcase their talent. This month’s edition of PMP in Practice focuses in how you can create a PMP Portfolio that highlights both your hard-skills and people talents. We hope you enjoy the article and look forward to hearing from you soon.


Jennifer Bridges, PMP (formerly, Jennifer Whitt),
Founder –

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