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December 2012 Volume 4 | Issue 12

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Jennifer Bridges, PMP

Here we are in December already! How did you do in keeping up with your PDUs throughout the year? Hopefully, you are close to the average of 20 PDUs per year needed to renew your PMP Certification.

What if you didn’t make it this year or are running behind on your 3-year cycle of earning PDUs? Believe me, that’s not an uncommon occurence with all of the busy-ness that fills our personal and professional lives.

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535.5 PDUs is enough for nearly 9 certification cycles! Even if don’t need that many PDUs, this means you can mix and match courses that fit your exact needs. For example, looking to change jobs and need the soft skills to nail your next job interview? Dr. Drew Stevens can help you with his 5 PDU Career Series Bundle. Or, need the hard skills to set up a PMO? MaryGrace Allenchey, PMP can help you with her 45 PDU course called PMO Steps: Dynamic Strategies for Implementing a PMO.

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What if you are at the end of your PMP Certification Cycle? This month’s edition of PMP in Practice provides some additional informaiton on what you will need to do to renew your certification.

Wishing you continued success!


Jennifer Bridges, PMP (formerly, Jennifer Whitt),

Founder –

Understanding the End of the PMP Cycle

You’ve made it! Three years have flown by since you earned your PMP Certification. During that time you’ve honed your Project Management skills, progressed in your career and met some great people. To top it all off, you have kept up with your continuing certification requirements and met your minimum of 60 PDUs.

Now what? Is this an automatic renewal process or is there more involved? There are four criteria that must be met to maintain your status as a PMP.

  •    Obtain 60 PDUs within the three-year certification cycle
  •    Complete the Application for Certification Renewal
  •    Reaffirm PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct and the PMI Certification Application/Renewal Agreement
  •    Pay the Renewal Fee

It’s pretty easy to renew once you’ve obtained the necessary PDUs and is mainly a matter of filling out forms and submitting payment.

The Fine Print

However, the following are a couple of points you should be aware of as you near the end of your PDU cycle.

Three Statuses

You have three full years from the date you pass your PMP exam to renew your certification to remain in Active Status. For example, if you passed the exam on September 15, 2012, your certification would need to be renewed by September 14, 2015 to remain a PMP in good standing. This allows you to continue to use the PMP designation and have your name appear in the Online Registry.

Since there is a PMP in “good standing”, is there a PMP in “not so good standing”? Sort of. If you find yourself past the active date of your recertification and have not met the requirements, you can no longer call yourself a PMP until those requirements have been met. Your certification is considered in Suspended Status and the overdue requirements must be met within one year of your certification date. If you slip past this one year grace period, your PMP certification will be lost and you will need to start all over again.

In addition, there is also a Retired Status. Anyone who has had their PMP Certification for at least 10 consecutive years and is no longer paid for their Project or Program Management services can apply for this status. This puts the requirement to earn or report PDUs on hold without the requirement of starting over again if you are more than one year past the end of your PDU cycle date.

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