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November 2012 Volume 4 | Issue 11

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Jennifer Bridges, PMP (formerly, Jennifer Whitt)

Personal energy is a funny thing. If you’re like me, you’ll have tons of energy at the beginning of the day and the beginning of the week. You feel as if you can accomplish anything and that nothing is insurmountable. As the day passes and the week goes by your energy level may wane a bit. Those challenges that seemed so easy to overcome earlier now appear a bit fuzzier and their solution not quite as clear.

Why is this? Because our personal energy is a limited resource and can be used up as the days and weeks go by. The good news is that you can replenish and even “stockpile” personal energy for later use. This month’s edition of PMP in Practice uncovers 7 ways that you can make sure you are never running on empty again!.

So, take a few moments now to take a break and refuel by reading “7 Ways to Increase Mental Energy” by Dr. Bob Rausch below. You’ll be able to make it through the rest of the week with a full tank of personal energy!

Wishing you continued success!


Jennifer Bridges, PMP (formerly, Jennifer Whitt),
Founder –

7 Ways to Increase Mental Energy

Let’s assume your boss just informed you of a huge mistake you made on an important project. What you say to yourself after hearing this influences your attitude, performance and energy. Negative, judging thoughts drain your energy while positive thoughts increase energy. Much like a car uses gasoline and light bulbs need electricity for energy; your thoughts can create and influence the amount of mental energy available to you.

How you use your energy is up to you. The truth is that you drain more energy on mental and emotional issues than on physical ones. Here are seven ways you can create more mental and emotional energy to fuel your life.

#1 –  Remember the Universal One-Third Rule
Psychologists have stated that no matter what you do the One-Third Rule applies. One-third of the people like what you do, one-third don’t like what you do, and one-third don’t care what you do. Just remember that people do things for their own reasons, not for yours.

#2 – Identify What is Really Important
When working with others, make sure you are clearly focused on what is important. It’s easy to spend too much energy worrying about what someone thinks of you. Keep the focus where it needs to be, on the other person. One way to achieve focus is to recite this statement: “It’s more important what I think of you than what you think of me.”

#3 – Depersonalize Disappointments
This is about business, not your self-esteem. Life isn’t always fair, so love and help people, but don’t allow them to define you or your level of success.

#4 – Reframe Energy Drains
People can’t affect the outcome of your experience unless you let them. Nothing that is pushing against you has any significance unless you push back. Reframe the situation. In an uncomfortable situation ask yourself, “Is there something I can learn from this?”

#5 – Identify the Energy Drain
Did you hear something negative or take something negatively? Your level of energy will determine how you hear information. When you are low on energy you’re more vulnerable to feeling defensive.

#6 – Delete Clutter
Develop a behavioral trash bin. If a behavior isn’t working for you, delete it and send it to your behavioral trash bin. Don’t repeat behaviors that create more problems than they solve.

#7 – Celebrate your Success
Don’t be modest, when you do well admit it to yourself. Celebrations refuel your energy.

Following the 7 steps above will allow you to refuel your personal energy tank and make it to the end of the week with the same level of energy you had at the beginning of the week!

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