Marketing Yourself as a PMP

It would be hard to imagine that a company could be successful without marketing their products or services. This is true if it is an entirely new product, down to the slightest change in packaging. The successful company will make sure the world knows about the addition or change. Why? It increases their revenue and profitability.

We should be no different when it comes to marketing ourselves as PMPs. Whether you are a ‘brand new’ PMP, or your ‘packaging’ has changed through training, you need to take (and make) the opportunities to tastefully market yourself. You will find this opens doors for your career to advance and ultimately increases your income.

The following suggestions can help you market yourself both within, and outside of, your organization.

Marketing Yourself within Your Organization

One area you can market yourself as a PMP is within your company. There are a number of ways you can promote yourself, your team and assist others along the way.

  • Change Your E-Mail Signature Line and order New Business Cards — Can you imagine going to a doctor that does not have the initials MD, or PhD after their name? You wouldn’t think of it. Those initials show they went through years of schooling and have a substantial amount of experience you can trust. The same principle applies with adding the PMP initials after your name. You worked hard for your PMP certification and have amassed years of experience. It shows everyone that they can trust you to apply sound project management practices to whatever projects you are currently managing.
  • Help Others Receive Project Manager Training — It is impossible to go to every Project Management training course that is offered. The courses are interesting, the networking is great, but your time is limited. Rather than miss out on great courses altogether, send your PM Proxy. Find out what your team and those around you are interested in and arrange for them to attend. There is one condition, however. They need to come back to the group and review what they learned and plan to apply themselves. This is something nice for them, brings back new knowledge to the organization, and word will spread across the company about what you are doing as a PMP.
  • Give Your Marketing Department Something to Write About — Marketing departments are always looking for a good story to tell. You can provide them with at least one interesting story. Set up a meeting with your marketing department and let them know you have recently been certified as a PMP and what that means for the company and its clients. They will love it. Getting the word out will not only help you, but will give your company something positive to talk about.

Marketing Yourself on Your Own

A second area you can market yourself as a PMP is outside of your organization.

  • Order Personal Business Cards — You can have personal business cards printed for next to nothing (see the right sidebar under Resources for information about Vistaprint). Come up with a unique, descriptive title to include under your PMP-credentialed name. For example Technical Profit Manager, Problem Solver, Integrator or anything else that can start or keep a conversation going.
  • Update your Profile on LinkedIn and Bring Your Resume Current — Take the time to update your profile on LinkedIn as well as refresh your resume with your most recent accomplishments. At a minimum, the status updates that LinkedIn sends out to your connections will bring your name to people’s minds.
  • Send out a Regular E-mail Communication to Your Contact List — You have met, worked with, and volunteered beside dozens, if not hundreds of people over the years. Compile these emails into one place (like LinkedIn) and send out a quick note on what you have been up to, what you are currently working on and that you have recently earned your PMP status. People like to hear from people they know and will send you a quick note in return. It is a great way to stay connected professionally.

One word of caution: We are not talking about promoting yourself in the style of a professional wrestler. There is no need to be obnoxious, or over-the-top, but you do want to be on the top of people’s minds when they know they need a PMP Certified Project Manager.

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  1. Richard Vickers says:

    I liked the ideas in this article. For me it serves as a quick reminder that PMPs should think of themselves as business leaders and thus need to be aware of tasteful marketing ideas such as those offered in this article. Good work.

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