How to Virtually Earn 7.5 Free PDUs

To say the Internet has changed the way we conduct our business as Project Managers is an understatement! E-mail is the life-blood of our daily existence, Webinars keep us all educated and informed, and Project Collaboration tools keep us on the same page. Just one day at work without Internet connectivity is enough to drive you crazy! was recently involved in something that utilized the Internet in a unique and revolutionary way. Each year puts together a virtual conference called PMXPO. bills the event as the largest project management conference and trade show of the year…and it’s all online! The virtual nature of this event goes hand-in-hand with the Portable and Affordable® nature of the PDUs we provide PMPs.

The conference was held on May 19th and started promptly at 8:30 AM and lasted the entire day! There was a keynote address, live presentations, and opportunities to network. Attendees also were able to visit vendor’s booths as well as earn PDUs all from the comfort of their home or office.

What were the results? According to Becky Martel from, there were nearly 5,700 attendees the day of the event and an additional 1,000 Project Managers have taken advantage of the on-demand version of PMXPO since then. Ninety-eight percent of the attendees ranked the event as Good or Excellent and over 99% said they will most likely attend another PMXPO. We certainly will!

What are the Benefits of a Virtual Conference?

Think about the benefits a conference like this offers to its attendees:

  • No Travel Costs – There was ZERO expense associated with travel by car or plane and no need to stay in a hotel for a couple of nights.
  • Environmentally Friendly – The carbon footprint of a virtual event like this is minimal when compared with the impact on the environment a non-virtual conference with thousands of people in attendance would have on the environment.
  • Time Saving – We all have incredibly busy schedules managing our projects and it’s hard to get away from those demands at times. A virtual event like PMXPO can cut down the time necessary to attend such an event by over half!

Plus, PMXPO still allowed for all those things we have come to know and love out of a conference; the opportunity for networking, learning, earning PDUs and keeping up with the latest technologies in Project Management.

You Have Got To See It To Believe It!

If you have never attended an event like this before, it’s really quite remarkable. From the moment you “walk in the doors”, to touring the virtual vendors hall, to attending the educational sessions, you will become totally immersed in this virtual environment.

Logging In

The login screen allows you to view the agenda, adjust your settings, set up your briefcase (people received a briefcase that allowed them to keep up with all the free giveaways!), and choose which part of the conference they would like to visit.

Note: You can see further descriptions of the options available by visiting

The Exhibitor’s Hall

The Exhibitor’s Hall was very warm and inviting and allowed PMPs to keep up with the latest Project Management offerings had a booth right up front!’s Booth

We had thousands upon thousands of people visit the booth that day. It wasn’t our feet that were tired from standing , but our fingers were tired from typing! It was great to catch up with so many of the project managers in our community, answer questions, and of course give away great deals on Portable and Affordable® PDUs!

You Can Still Earn 7.5 PDUs for Free Through August 19! has kept the virtual conference open until August 19. This means you can still register for free, earn up to 7.5 PDUs (also free) and experience the uniqueness of a virtual conference. The sessions are pre-recorded at this point which means you lose the ‘live’ element, but you will still benefit greatly from attending. You can register at the link below:

Be sure to stop by visit the booth!

Do I see a time when face-to-face meetings and live in-person conferences will be a thing of the past? Absolutely not! You will never be able to replace the dynamics and relationships that are built when you meet in person, however, I believe this is a great way to augment and supplement in-person events and provide a great opportunity to grow in our Project Management careers!

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  1. Kelly says:

    I attended the PMXPO live, and it really is a great way to get free PDU’s. In addition, I was able to learn some valuable things to help me grow as a Project Manager.

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