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January 2013 Volume 5 | Issue 1

Hi there,

Jennifer Bridges, PMP

If you’re like me, I’m pretty sure you’re glad the world didn’t end according to the Mayan calendar on December 21st of last year. Why? Because, as good as last year was, I’m looking forward to an even better 2013! It has been a pleasure working with you to earn your PDUs in a portable & affordable way and I look to sharing more exciting opportuntities with you in the upcoming year.

This month’s PMP in Practice is going to allow us a bit of time to reflect on some of the highlights of 2012. A good indicator of where you’re going is to look back upon where you’ve been. That’s what we’re going to do in this issue of PMP in Practice. Below are some of the highlights from last year and some great ways you can jump start your PDUs for this year!

Wishing you continued success!


Jennifer Bridges, PMP (formerly, Jennifer Whitt),

Founder –

Highlights from 2012

The following are just a few of the highlights that experienced in 2012. These have all opened the door for great opportunities in the upcoming year that will benefit you and your pursuit of earning your PDUs and remaining certified as a PMP project manager. featured in the TOP 10 Interviews by Future of Project Management

Samir Penkar is an avid practitioner of project management. How avid? Avid enough to write poems about project management! Now that’s pretty avid. Samir is the Founder of where he holds in-depth interviews and real conversations about people, trends, and ideas about project management.

It was an honor to be interviewed by Samir about “How do you build a successful business in the project management space?” This one-hour long interview unveils the inner workings and evolution of and highlights why I love working with our rapidly growing global community of project managers.

Click here to listen to the interview >>

E-Book Courses Offered the Opportunity to Earn PDUs released a number of E-Book Courses in 2012 that focused on different components of a project manager’s job. Each engaging and easy to read E-book not only helped project managers with certain aspects of their project management position, but it also allowed them to earn 1 Category A PDU after you completed each book!

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to take advantage of these great E-Book Courses in 2013 to raise your bar and brand as a PMP. We’re offering them to you at the link below for FREE!

Title Topic
The Essential Guide to Market Your BRAND as a PMP Project Manager Find out what you can do to put yourself in line to snap up the PMP Project Manager jobs that exist in the market today. [1 PDU]
The Essential Guide to Optimize Your PMP Career This insightful Guide will answer 4 questions about a PMP career that are critical for your success as a Project Manager. [1 PDU]
Four Ways to Stay Energized as a PMP Project Manager Find out what you can do as a project manager when your tank is running on empty. [1 PDU]
PMP Best Practices to Make You More Effective as a Project Manager This E-Book includes 35 tips and tricks on how to manage your projects more effectively. Plus, supporting video is included for each tip. [1 PDU]

Compelling LinkedIn Discussions

As the Director of, I also work closely our global community and love engaging in compelling and intriguing discussions with various LinkedIn Groups. One of the most talked about questions online I asked was:

What is your most favorite project management document?

We received over 350 great responses from the community alone! Plus, this was just one question of dozens that I’ve asked that has elicited great feedback. You can click on my LinkedIn profile and keep up with more discussions I’ve started. I hope you’ll join me this year!

Also, remember to join our LinkedIn Group and receive a Promo Code to receive 20% off any purchase.

PMXPO Is Always So Much Fun!

A highlight over the past couple of years has been our involvement in the PMXPO that occurs each May. The PMXPO is a day-long virtual project management conference that you have to see to believe.

Click here for screenshots of PMXPO >>

We had over 1,800 people stop by our booth in just one day! We look forward to attending PMXPO again the year and hope you’ll drop by to see us there.

and… is 5 Years Old! celebrated our 5th year in business on August 1 of this past year. With your help, we’ve been able to transform the PMP Certification Industry by offering over 500 PDUs with almost 100 exclusive courses by 50+ best-selling authors on our mobile learning platform. These authors include huge names like John Maxwell, Marcus Buckingham, Laura Stack, Tom Peters, Jim Collins, Marshall Goldsmith, Brian Tracy, and the late Zig Ziglar – just to name a few!

Those are just a few of the exciting things experienced last year. My team and I have been busy behind the scenes working on our upcoming releases to kick-off the new year. We look forward to a great 2013 together!

Be sure to take advantage of our new year offer in January of 10 PDUs for $100! Plus, take another 20% off by joining the LinkedIn Group and using our exclusive member-only PROMO CODE! You’ll be able to earn PDUs for $10 a PDU and enhance your professional career! These PDUs never expire and you can take them anywhere, anytime

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We Are All in This Together

PMI Logo Anyone with the letters ‘PMP’ after their name has the ongoing obligation to obtain 60 PDUs every three years. This is a big deal when it is added to schedules that are already overbooked and hectic. PDUs2Go has solved this problem by developing a system where you can earn PDUs around your demanding schedule with portable, self-paced courses. Earn n’ Learn™ while in your car, in your office, by the pool or on the road.

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Big Names, even Bigger Savings!

Learn from our exclusive authors and experts in their fields who bring breadth of project experience and depth of subject expertise to our community of PMPs.

Big names like Zig Ziglar, Laura Stack, Brian Tracy, Chris Widener, and Larry Iverson all share their insight into becoming a better project manager.

The Physics of Performance

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