LEAD: Like A Boss, Pre-release Special Offer

7 Essential Traits You Must Have as a PMP Project Manager

Project Management is about leading. Leading teams effectively boils down to a handful of skills and a strong character.


Learn how to develop key skills and strong character traits as a project leader by downloading LEAD: Like a Boss today!

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Is Everyone Waiting in Line to Be Part of Your Next Project?

LLABRedEveryone has worked for good bosses. Some of our bosses have been bad. What makes the difference between these two types of bosses? Their ability to lead!

What type of boss are you?

You may not view yourself as a boss, but your project team sure does. Are you a so-called boss that is obeyed just because of your seniority? Or, are you a boss that is respected because of your character and ability?

Our newest 10 PDU Course is entitled “LEAD: Like A Boss ” and it will ensure you become the project manager everyone wants to work for. Find out how to:

  • Master Leadership – Learn about leadership philosophy in the workplace along with profiles of influential leaders such as Sir Richard Branson, Mother Teresa, and Desmond Tutu
  • Navigate Change – Find out how to create an atmosphere where your team embraces and even loves change
  • Lead Different Personalities – Learn how to tailor your leadership based on personality type, generation, and style
  • Lead in Your Career – Learn modern tips for rapid promotion to the leadership position you desire

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Lead Like a Boss June 15

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