2010 PDU Pak: $1197!

Course: 2010 PDU Pak: $1197!

PDUs: 304.5

Category: 3

Author: Select Authors

Available Versions: DOWNLOADABLE

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Buy NOW during our 2010 PDU Pak OFFER! ALL our current PDUs for $1197!

Stock up on all the PDUs we have to offer – that’s 304.50 PDUs as of March 1, 2010.  This is enough PDUs for 5 Certification RENEWALS.  Don’t wait though, time is running out.  Your courses will NOT expire but our 2010 PDU Pak OFFER will SOON – Buy the courses NOW, take them LATER.

Continue to learn from our exclusive authors and experts in their fields who bring breadth of project experience and depth of subject expertise to our community of PMPs.

What’s included in our PDU Pak OFFER?

Every COURSE we offer on PDUs2Go as of March 1, 2010.

What do you REALLY GET?

To date, you get…

A TOTAL of 67 UNIQUE courses offered EXCLUSIVELY on PDUs2Go.com!

A TOTAL of 304.50 PDUs!… TOTAL VALUE of $9,688.

A TOTAL SAVINGS of $8,491!

Are there more cost SAVINGS?

Yes – These courses are Portable & Affordable®

Don’t worry about the price of gas – these courses come to you!

If you are CUTTING COSTS, you SAVE $$$ – these courses costs $0 / GALLON of gas!  We are based in Atlanta, GA so if you live in the city and are experiencing the rising cost of gas, you can appreciate this offer.

Did we say this?

5 Certification Renewals?  Yes!

That equates to 15 years.


People did not listen to us last year when we recommended they BUY NOW and COMPLETE LATER… they thought things would get better.  We are getting phone calls now that things are worse.  There is no catch – Our team of PMPs have to maintain their certification too!  We are offering YOU all that WE have – NOW! With more COMING SOON!

What else?

To date, you get…


Wait! There’s more?

To date, you get…

A TOTAL of 3 Webinar Series totaling 26 sessions offered EXCLUSIVELY on PDUs2Go.com!

Shall we say more?

To date, you get…

Experience our INNOVATIVE Audio and Video technology WITHOUT streaming!

Ability to listen and watch directly from your mobile or portable device!

Did we mention this?

We TRACK “YOUR” personalized PDU History!

Do you even know where you are in your CERTIFICATION Renewal?  If you answered NO, you are NOT alone – 7 out of 10 people we talk with do NOT know and have to call us back to tell us how many PDUs they have or need.   We have made this EASY for YOU!  We have built a CUSTOMIZED feature for our customers to Track NOT ONLY the courses taken with PDUs2Go.com BUT ALSO the courses taken with other providers.  When you go to register your PDUs with PMI, you have all you need in ONE PLACE.  This feature tracks by YOUR Certification Renewal Date with friendly reminders [if you so choose] of how many PDUs you need before that date.

We OFFER you CUSTOMER Rewards?

Our authors are Professionals, Professional Speakers, Published Authors and Thought Leaders – they offer a breadth of experience and depth of expertise in their field.  They graciously bundle other works into their courses, including ebooks, audio, videos and other tools and templates that supplement their topic.  We offer these in the Customer Rewards section and will continue to add more soon.

Why should you BUY NOW?

This could only happen in our 2010 PDU Pak OFFER!

These courses do NOT expire. BUY NOW, COMPLETE LATER!

Welcome to the PDUs2Go community! There is more GOOD Stuff to come!

What happens NEXT?

This offer is as easy as 1, 2, 3…


2. You Log into Your Account and DOWNLOAD Your COURSE – Whenever You Want.  As Many Times as You NEED. As Many Devices as You PREFER. These Courses NEVER Expire!

3. You COMPLETE Your Courses at YOUR Convenience – Any Time. Any Where.

Our Personal Message

To each of you as our customer and my peer, I have always said “You are YOUR most IMPORTANT Project! – Jennifer Bridges, PMP (formerly, Jennifer Whitt)” The current economic situation has impacted us all world-wide. One thing I do know is that companies still require certified Project Management Professionals [PMPs] to run their projects.  As companies right-size their company resources, the PMP credential is used to make important staffing decisions.  Many of you I have spoken with are considering letting your certification lapse.  I urge you to do what it takes to NOT ONLY maintain your PMP credential but to ALSO increase your Project Management Leadership Skills and marketability. My team, our exclusive Author Partners and I are offering YOU all that WE have – consider it our “PDU Stimulus Package for PMPs”!

We hope you will JOIN US and our community of PMPs!

Jennifer Bridges & The PDUs2Go Team & Our Exclusive Author Partners


Call us directly at 404.815.4644.

Do you want to UPGRADE your PDUs2Go Blitz!  60 PDUs Purchase to a 2010 PDU Pak?

To UPGRADE NOW, CALL US at 404.815.4644.

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