Rob “Waldo” Waldman, Lt. Col


Leadership Starts With a Vision

by Rob “Waldo” Waldman, Lt. Col., CSP

Knowing your long and short-term objectives, having a solid focus on where you’re going along with the flight plan to get there is a fundamental to success in any venture.

Waldo Waldman, Lt. Col. CSPBut what about others’ vision of you? As a leader, how do your co-workers employees and customers see you? Will they follow you when times are tough?

George Patton once said, “You’re always on parade.” What you say, how you say it, and how others view you really counts when it comes to enrolling people to support your vision. Without a team of supporting wingmen who trust you and your vision, achieving your vision will be next to impossible. Learn More »

Being Busy is Not an Excuse

by Waldo Waldman, Lt. Col. CSP

Being “busy” is not an excuse to not help, stay connected with or appreciate the people in your life who you have relationships ships with (especially those that have gone above and Being Busy is not an Excusebeyond in helping you.)


We’re all busy. We all have stuff going on that pressures us during the day.

All successful people are busy.

It’s easy to go out of your way when your schedule is clear, pressure is low, and business is good. But sometimes you’ll have to be inconvenienced to make things convenient for someone else. Sometimes you have to sacrifice in order to nurture a relationship, show appreciation, or help someone.

In the stressful, constantly changing world we live where time is so precious, it’s more important than ever to invest a portion of our day to write that personal thank you letter, give that referral, donate that money, or coach that peer.

People open doors. Learn More »

Leaders Lift

by Waldo Waldman, Lt. Col. CSP

It’s important to reflect on the past year:  the highs and lows, the exciting and the dreadful, the wins and losses. We may not have done everything right, but there were lessons Leaders Liftlearned that will undoubtedly help us grow in our personal and professional lives.

The lessons may have come from the “process,” but more often than not, they came from the people who we worked with. When I think back on my Air Force years – the  intense training programs, deployments, and combat missions – I don’t think about the flying as much as the relationships   Sure the flying was fun and exciting, but the people made the memories. The people created the moments that mattered. I miss them.

The Ones I will Never Forget were the Encouragers Learn More »

Customer Service and Being a Brand Ambassador

by Waldo Waldman, Lt. Col. CSP

The best examples of customer service don’t normally come from the airlines. In fact, they are notoriously terrible at customer service. But after a recent flight I had on Delta Airlines, I You Ultimately Set the Tone for Your Customer's Experiencefeel compelled to share a great one with you.

Like some of you, I fly a ton for work and subsequently have the highest status on Delta (Diamond Medallion.) I fortunately get upgraded to first class often, but other than the Twix bars and extra legroom, there really isn’t anything special about it. It’s not that Delta’s service is bad, but in my opinion, they fail to take advantage of the many opportunities to wow their customers.

But this experience was different. I was on the last leg of a six-city, eight-day trip and was exhausted. That first class upgrade came at the right time and I planned to catch up on a few emails and sleep. My “expectation meter” however, was low.

I settled in for the three-hour flight and my flight attendant Beverly (“Bev”) showed up with a smile on her face and a refreshingly warm personality. Not only did she acknowledge me for being a diamond medallion, but she treated me in a way that can be summed up in one word: special.

I asked for nothing, but received everything. Learn More »

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