Tom Kellen


Keeping Up With the Project Management Industry

By Tom Kellen

It is very easy to get so caught up in your current project that you don’t take time to relax a bit and keep up with what’s going on in your industry.  Remember to take a half an hour or so a week just to browse some of your favorite project management sites just to keep up to date on what’s new and exciting in your industry.  Learn More »

What’s on Your List?

By Tom Kellen

Some times as project managers it’s so easy to get caught up in Gantt and PERT charts that it’s easy to forget the beauty of a good ToDo list.  One example of a good, on-line ToDo list is the free ( service.

With you create a project with a click of a button and then can start adding tasks to the project.  The simple interface allows you to drag and drop items to reorder them and you can create sub-tasks just by dropping one task on another. Learn More »

Time to Tungle

By Tom Kellen

Have you ever had one of these kinds of days?  You need to meet with Joe, so you pick up the phone and call his office, but he’s not in yet so you leave him a message.  Joe calls back right when you are in the middle of your weekly team meeting and leaves you a message.  Thus beginnith the new “meeting message ping pong game”.  It’s time to opt out of that game and make your life a bit easer.  Enter,

Tungle is an on-line scheduling service that also runs on multiple platforms and really makes scheduling those meetings a breeze. As it says on Tungle’s web site: Learn More »

Sites for Innovation

By Tom Kellen

Happy 2010 to one and all!  Since this year’s focus for the PDUs2Go “Special Editions” is “INNOVATION to IMPLEMENTATION” I thought I would mention a couple of web sites I look to for information on Innovation.

As you can probably tell, I am a total geek, and as such I love my techie toys.  One site that I keep an eye on to see what new things are coming down the technology pipeline is Engadget.  Here you will find the latest scoop on everything from cell phones & laptops to high definition TV.  While you may or may not find something directly on this site that will help you with managing your projects, I do believe that checking in sometimes and looking at how others are innovating can spark ideas for you.
Learn More »

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