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Social Media a Promotion:Culture Counts

by Jennifer Khanweiler, Ph.D.

On Page p. 142 of Quiet Influence I feature a sidebar from my colleague, branding consultant Mike Wittenstein who shares several great suggestions about how you can use SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTION:CULTURE COUNTSsocial media as one way to become a thought leader. For instance, he suggests that you write regularly about what you know and link your writing to what’s going on in the world.  Regarding Twitter, he advises:

“Develop some good Twitter buddies and provide them with draft tweets about your content from their point of view. It will be really easy for them to help you spread your message. And don’t forget to tweet about their work too.”

Makes sense, right? Get your message out there by making it easy for your colleagues to promote you in a low-key way.

Well not everywhere.  Shortly after learning that the rights to Quiet Influence were sold to Japan, I received a succinct, polite email from my publisher. It asked for my permission to eliminate two sentences from the chapter. Guess which sentences? Yup. You got it.

The explanation went like this: “The publisher is afraid that in Japan there is a culture where asking someone to mention you is not good manners. “ Learn More »

Making Your Presentations Pop

by Jennifer Kahnweiler, Ph.D.

Presentations are evolving in intriguing ways.  Quiet Influencers who can synthesize data by packing a powerful visual punch win points. Many of my introverted clients find that the Making Your Presentations Pop anxiety of public speaking lessens when they prepare high impact visuals. These images can express more than any words.

A few examples:

1. The Personal Is Universal 

There are stories in photos that can be used to make a point and draw the audience in.  A few years back I heard someone give a talk on humor. What I remember is a series of consecutive family photos from the 1960s.   One photo after another showed his brothers and sisters wearing the same Halloween warlock costume year after year. The costume became a witch outfit the years the girls wore it.  You didn’t have a choice in his family:)  My mind flashed back to the unusual costumes of my youth and the lack of choice I had, especially the time Mom dressed me as a Russian Sputnik space rocket complete with aluminum foil and a cone head (still looking for the photo to show you!:)

This kind of creative connection with your audience will help your presentation or sales pitch have the effect you want.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Go “Out There.” 

Here is another example that arrived in my inbox this week from NSA-GA.  Designed by member and visual wunderkind Tom Nixon  it is such a clever way to promote an event! Do you think that people will be more likely to consider going? Learn More »

May We Borrow Some Of Your “Quiet Courage”?

by Jennifer Khanweiler, Ph.D.

I recently had the privilege of sharing the stage with an introverted leader I admire. Pearl Alexander, Senior Director, HR and Workforce Strategy at the Georgia Institute of Technology Pearl Alexander, Senior Director, HR and Workforce Strategy at the Georgia Institute of Technologyis a woman who makes such a difference at her organization and beyond.

In our time together, Pearl shared her personal reflections on embracing her role and owning her quiet strengths. She was kind enough to offer me permission to share her thoughts with all of you. I have highlighted my favorite lines in italics and will think of Pearl when I am dipping into my “quiet courage.” What parts resonate with you and why?

Introvert Moments©

I have a confession to make. Because of being an introverted leader I have not always been keenly aware of my need for belonging. It’s a legitimate need we all have. You see I have proudly worn the label and accepted the position of “not fitting in” or having a temperament that is difficult to appreciate. That is until recently.

Back in 2010, I had the distinct privilege of serving Georgia Tech as the chief diversity strategist while we searched for our first Vice President of Institute Diversity. I had volunteered for this role and was totally jazzed to be working closely with Georgia Tech’s then newly minted president, Dr. G.P. Bud Peterson. One day as I was awaiting my one-on-one meeting with President Peterson someone who knew both of us fairly well, jokingly, said to me: Learn More »

Working from the office – sometimes needed?

by Jennifer Khanweiler, Ph.D.

Stumbled upon an article today about Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer requiring workers to come back to the office. The Slate piece fires back about the benefits and wins of working from Watercooler and stop and chat dialogues will likely lead to more innovation and collaboration. home.

But do we know the whole story? Yahoo is on an uphill climb and it is interesting that part of Mayer’s solution is get people back “inside.” Maybe for right now that is necessary.

Water cooler and stop and chat dialogues will likely lead to more innovation and collaboration.

Hopefully this is not an all or nothing solution and that workers can still build some flexibility into their schedules. Even introverted workers tell me that they also value connection with people and it can be energy draining to ALWAYS be on their own. So let’s hope it is about balance and not be so hard on Mayer.

Your thoughts?

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