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The Thought Awareness Tool

by Don Goewey

Here is something we all need to know: Peace is neurological power; a dynamic state of peace literally builds a powerful brain.  Stress, on the other hand, shrinks and The Thought Awareness Tooldamages higher brain networks, inhibiting our potential to succeed at life.

Peace is clearly an internal matter, and so is stress. Both must begin with your own thoughts, and then extend outward. It is from an anxious, worried mind that a stressful perception of the world arises. Equally, it is from your peace of mind that a stress-free experience of life arises.

Here is  a proven tool that starts the process of building the dynamically peaceful attitude that builds a great brain:

Practice this throughout the day, until your pattern of stress changes:

1. Be aware of stressful, fearful thoughts, anxiety-provoking situations, “offending” personalities or events, or anything else that provokes in you stressful, unkind, hostile, or pessimistic thoughts. Note them all casually, whenever they occur. Notice the way these thoughts morph into negative emotions that produce a perception of threat.

Initially, as you look at a negative thought or feeling, don’t try to change it. Simply observe it. If you criticize, blame, or condemn yourself for thinking and feeling negatively, simply observe this as another negative thought. Learn More »

Can People Under Pressure Sustain Highly Creative Levels of Performance For Long Periods And Not Burn-Out?

by Don Goewey

Recently I was asked: Can people work ten hours a day, five and sometimes six days a week for extended periods of time and enjoy high levels of creative performance without burning During the five minutes it takes to make the coffee, you can brew the attitude that will make your day.out? The answer is yes . . . if — and only if — a person is adept at transcending stress. If he or she can do that, they are much more likely to succeed, and in ways that will make work intrinsically rewarding.

Start Today

Neurologically, transcending stress is achieved through the shift in attitude that takes us from anxious to peaceful. Stress is psychological fear; peace is neurological power. That’s not my opinion; that’s science’s definition. Mercifully, making this shift is simpler than we might think, producing meaningful results in a relatively short period of time. In my book, Mystic Cool, and in workshops, I provide ten simple tools that sustain the shift from stress to peace, without adding to your to-do list. But you can make this shift right away. Starting tomorrow, begin your day in peace and dedicate the rest of the day to the goal of sustaining your peace of mind, regardless of what happens. Here’s one approach: Learn More »

Take Your Vacation. It Will Rebuild Your Brain.

by Don Goewey,

More than one in three of us are forfeiting our vacation time.  Instead of taking time to renew, most of us are working harder than ever, an average 49 hours a week. We are putting in Take Your Vacation. It Will Rebuild Your Brain.100-200 more hours per year than our parents.  We sleep less than our parents did; one to two hours less.  Those are averages; you might be working more and sleeping less than that.

Two Million Years of Lost Vacation Time

We talk about vacations, plan them, dream about them and then fail to take one. As much as a half billion vacation days will go unused this year.  Surveys reveal that we don’t take vacations because we fear an adversary will get ahead of us, or that work will pile up while we’re gone.  If we do take a vacation, we take work with us.  A survey found that 92% of those away on vacation frequently check in with the office.  That’s really not a vacation.

The Reward for Taking Vacation Time

A proper vacation can repair and expand higher order brain function that a stressful year has debilitated and even damaged. The reward for the time you invest in a vacation is a brain humming with the creative intelligence, emotional balance, and physical energy that sustains you at the top of your game. When you return from vacation, neurologically you will be ahead of the person you worried would get ahead of you. Learn More »

The “Solution to Stress” not Only Works in a Science Lab; it Works with Real People

by Don Goewey,

Over the last three years, I’ve presented in my monthly newsletters the research that continues to mount on the neurology and genetics involved in stress. This research has gradually defined a solution to stress that is now well established (see description below the table).

In 2006, I co-founded a training firm called ProAttitude that facilitates this solution. In January, 2013, my firm facilitated a live webinar training series with Wells Fargo Bank, involving 1,300 employees nationwide.

The results below from a randomized evaluation conducted by Wells Fargo indicates that that this “solution to stress” not only works in a science lab; it works with real people in real companies coping with a high level of work stress. Learn More »

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