What’s Your Project Management Legacy?

There are two types of people that leave a company. The first type elicits the question: “Were they ever even here?” This is type of person that is a
non-value-add personality type. They complain about everything that goes wrong. They don’t bring solutions and they distract others from finding solutions. They keep everyone off kilter and off focus. They get in the way and are very hard to work with. There is a sigh of relief once they leave and a collective “Thank goodness they are gone!”

The second type of person that leaves an organization is the value-add type of personality. This is the person that helps the team out. They contributed, they made things better, and they made the best out of whatever situation or circumstances they were presented with.

How do you know which type personality you are, especially if you are in the second type of person? You may never know since it becomes apparent after you leave, but know this… the people that you have left behind with the company know what you have done.

Here are a couple of things that happened after you left. There is a phenomenon about your office that occurs if you were a value-add personality. If your position is not immediately filled and your office is still open, what may be said is we are in (insert your name here)’s office. We all know it’s not your office anymore. You’ve been gone for months, perhaps even years. But people still refer to that office as your office. That’s a good sign that you have made an impact.

The second way you can tell that you have made an impact after you have left is: “We have (insert your name here) to thank for that sale.” Or “We have (insert your name here) to thank for closing out that project.” Or “We have (insert your name here) to thank for setting up that process that was put in place.” Your name comes up time and again even though you have left the company.

So how do you get there? There are 3 ways that you can get to be that value-add personality.

  1. Contribute – There are two types of people in this world: Givers and Takers. Be a Giver. Help out and do what you
    can to make the company or the organization better.
  2. Improve – Don’t settle for just the fact that it’s the same old status quo and there is nothing that can be
    changed. Do what you can to make things better.
  3. Bring Value – What can you do to help with the bottom line? If people see that you have made these differences then
    they will realize that you are a value-add personality type.

You may never know how long they will call it your office, but be assured they do if you’ve brought value to your company. Make sure they will do the same where you are now. They will see the value you added to the organization even years after the fact.

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